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Fear Street Theory: 1666 Is Copying Another Witch Horror Movie Twist

The Fear Street trilogy may be a dark, gory trio of horror movies, but will the final chapter of the slasher series Fear Street 1666 take its ending inspiration from the classic kids horror-comedy ParaNorman? Fear Street 1666 will bring the Netflix slasher trilogy to a close this week, and one fan theory guesses that the ending of the series will come from an unexpected source. Based on the novel series of the same name by Goosebumps author RL Stine, the Fear Street trilogy is a gory, R-rated series of slasher horror movies with a supernatural twist.

In the trilogy’s opening outing Fear Street 1994, a group of teens attempted to evade a triumvirate of undead killers who were sent after them when one them accidentally desecrated the grave of a long-dead local witch. In the movie’s sequel Fear Street 1978, one of few survivors of a gruesome summer camp massacre detailed how the witch possessed one of the camp’s counselors and killed a slew of young campers. Now, the trilogy closer Fear Street 1666 is set to send Fear Street 1994’s heroine Deena back to the past to end the entire story.

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While the Stephen King-referencing Fear Street 1978 took its inspiration from summer camp slashers of the ‘80s like The Burning and Friday the 13th, its predecessor Fear Street 1994 owed a creative debt to the meta-slasher boom of the mid-‘90s epitomized by the Scream series. However, according to one fan theory, Fear Street 1666 will cap off the trilogy by referencing the family movie ParaNorman, of all things. Per the ending of Fear Street 1978, Fear Street 1666 will see Deena sent back to the past and put in the shoes of Sarah Fier to witness her persecution firsthand. The twist is strikingly similar to the ending of the stop-motion animated horror-comedy, wherein the eponymous hero learns that a local witch persecuted for her magic was an innocent little girl whose anger against the townspeople in the centuries since has been very much justified.

Deena’s brother Josh also appears, according to the early promotional materials of Fear Street 1666, to be sent back to Sarah Fier's time in the trilogy’s final installment. However, only Fear Street 1994's Deena appears to be seeing the action of Fear Street 1666 through the eyes of Sarah Fier herself, and the witch could be putting the movie’s heroine in her shoes so that Deena can see that Sarah was persecuted and not a monster as the town’s history claims. Sarah Fier may have racked up quite a body count over the years since her untimely murder at the hands of Shadyside’s superstitious residents, but according to this fan theory, her unbridled rage could be coming from the fact that she was falsely tried and did nothing to deserve her death.

There are hints that the characters in the Stranger Things-esque Fear Street 1978 and Fear Street 1994 are descendants of characters in Fear Street 1666. Consider, for example, the fact that Tommy only kills Shadyside residents when he cuts a bloody swathe through the campers of Fear Street 1978. According to this theory, the reason that everyone hailing from neighboring Sunnyvale escapes bloody death is because their ancestors aren’t implicated in Sarah Fier’s torture and murder. Further proof of this can be found in the fact that the entire town appears to be built, however unintentionally, around the site of Sarah Fier’s murder, meaning her descendants likely live nearby as Shadyside has never spread much further than the original 1666 settlement. Proof of this comes from the ending of Fear Street 1978, wherein Deena and Josh unearth the severed hand of Sarah Fier. They find the hand buried beneath a tree in the middle of Shadyside Mall, the location of both Fear Street 1994’s Scream-referencing opening scene and the gory deaths of their friends Simon and Kate.

Rather than the killings being as random as they initially appear, the victims of Sarah Fier could be chosen because of their relation to those who killed her way back in 1666. It is impossible to tell whether the victims who have been killed and later reanimated as supernatural slashers by Sarah Fier, including Ruby Lane, Tommy Slater, and Billy Barker, are the descendants of her tormentors, as viewers are not yet privy to the history of the town and have only seen snippets of the bloody massacres committed by most of the witch’s chosen conduits. However, one of Fear Street 1994’s many unanswered questions was how Sarah Fier chose the likes of Ryan Torres and Sam as targets of her possession, and the trilogy closer could answer this with the fact that their ancestors were the ones who persecuted, falsely tried, and murdered the witch when she was just another innocent human.

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An almost identical ending plays out in ParaNorman, right down to the movie’s hero being placed in the witch’s shoes by her vengeance-crazed spirit so he can experience her false trial firsthand and realize that the town’s elders are the guilty parties in her case. In ParaNorman, the ending revealed that the only way the witch's curse can be fixed is if the witch finds peace after being killed as a child by fearful locals. Despite all the terrifying villains of the Fear Street trilogy, according to the fan theory, the series looks set to end with a spin on this surprisingly poignant twist.

In ParaNorman’s denouement, the witch’s plight is seen by the movie’s hero Norman as a small girl being ostracized and eventually killed by her small-town elders due to their close-minded ignorance, and Norman can relate to her struggle as he too has been alienated by the locals who shun and mock him for communicating with the dead. Fear Street 1666 is offering a more R-rated spin on this story than ParaNorman, but in both cases, the heroes are pursued by bloodthirsty undead beings controlled by the witch only to (potentially) discover that the witch herself is the wronged party and her desire for vengeance is more than understandable (as if to underline the comparison, both movies also feature a creepy pastor who is reanimated from the dead). Fear Street 1994 appeared to established Sarah Fier as a monster but if the movie’s upcoming sequel takes a leaf out of ParaNorman’s book, the Fear Street trilogy villain may well turn out to be the most wronged character in the cast of the series.

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