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Fear TWD Is Wasting Its Perfect Zombie Spinoff Idea

AMC is wasting the perfect Fear the Walking Dead spinoff idea with its Dead in the Water web series. Dead in the Water is the latest of several webisode spinoffs that have spun out of Fear the Walking Dead, among them being Althea’s Tapes, Passage, and Flight 462. Each webisode usually lasts for a minute or two, with each series consisting of about 15 minutes of footage in total.

It was announced back in March that the beached submarine from Fear the Walking Dead season 6 would be the focus of a new web series titled Dead in the Water. It has yet to release, but according to Fear’s showrunners, the planned spinoff is still in the development stages. Toward the end of the season, some of the characters speculated on what transpired about the nuclear sub, which was infested with a zombified crew. What happened to the USS Pennsylvania isn’t known to Morgan’s group, nor was it discussed in detail on the show, but answers are expected to come whenever AMC releases Dead in the Water.

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A show about the crew of a submarine navigating through the zombie apocalypse is actually a fascinating concept – but AMC making a web series out of the idea feels like a huge missed opportunity. Obviously, one of the goals of those spearheading AMC’s Walking Dead universe is to deliver content that feels unique to other properties in the franchise – and Dead in the Water certainly fits that bill. It’s partially for this reason that Dead in the Water would have been an excellent addition to The Walking Dead's future lineup of TV shows.

Dead in the Water could have worked as a six-part miniseries with full-length episodes. Being restricted to a submarine for most of that time certainly would have presented a narrative challenge, but not an impossible one. It could have provided an experience far different (and much scarier) than what viewers have grown accustomed to. It really could have leaned into some strong horror elements due in large part to some dark and gloomy aesthetics and a claustrophobic atmosphere. Trapping all of these people aboard a sub amid a zombie outbreak would have helped make Dead in the Water a truly suspenseful Walking Dead experience.

Admittedly, Dead in the Water can still end up being a fun ride regardless, but its popularity and success will unfortunately be limited. As a web series, it won’t have the production values of Fear the Walking Dead or the other shows, nor will it have as large of an audience as the concept deserves. It’s sure to go unnoticed by many. Even so, it’ll still be interesting to see how the USS Pennsylvania’s crew met their grisly fates and how Nick Stahl’s Riley survived, but the idea had the potential to be so much more.

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