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Fire Emblem Heroes: Top 10 Mythic Heroes In The Game, Ranked

Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo's most popular mobile game at the moment. Featuring the series' well-known strategy-based gameplay, the game is most known for the gacha mechanics utilized to summon new and unique heroes from across all Fire Emblem games. Mythic heroes are amongst the rarest of these heroes, only appearing at select times a year and offering a powerful toolkit for players to use.

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Most of the Mythic heroes are gods, legendary figures in the Fire Emblem franchise, or heroes original to Fire Emblem Heroes and its story. While all of them are worthy additions to any team, some Mythic heroes and their skills stand leagues above the rest.

10 Altina: Dawn's Trueblade

While Altina was first mentioned in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, it wasn't until Fire Emblem Heroes that players got to meet her in person. She was given to all players for free after the "A Hero Rises 2020" voting gauntlet event. Despite her lack of a pegasus, wyvern, or pair of wings, Altina is a flying unit, and her unique passive skill Ashera's Chosen renders all advantages against flying units ineffective, giving her a window to attack.

Altina's biggest weakness comes from her very low growths in her speed stat. While her passive B skill Vantage gives Altina the ability to counterattack her foes before they attack, it only works if she has most of her HP. If weakened, Altina can be easily disposed of by a much faster foe.

9 Sothis: Girl On The Throne

Debuting in Heroes shortly after the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses was Sothis, the girl at the heart of the game's biggest plot twists and surprises. As befitting someone with control over time, Sothis carries the passive C skill Time's Pulse. Alongside her B skill Wrath, Time's Pulse cuts down the number of turns needed before triggering Sothis' special Sirius, allowing her to deal more damage while recovering some HP.

Sothis' weapon, Sublime Surge, also renders any skills that give units advantages against dragons ineffective and allows her to attack foes no matter the distance. Sothis' skills render her capable of taking down a variety of foes and demonstrate some of her immense power seen in Three Houses.

8 Líf: Lethal Swordsman

First appearing in Book III of Fire Emblem Heroes, Líf quickly became a fan favorite for his tragic backstory and intimidating presence as a video game villain. He was released as a Mythic Hero at the tail end of January 2020 where players could obtain him and his cursed sword Sökkvabekkr.

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Líf comes with the A skill Distant Counter which allows him to counterattack both close-range and distant attacks. Sökkvabekkr grants Líf immense power against his foes, but at the cost of damaging any nearby teammates. It's best to bring a healer alongside Líf in battle in order to make up for the collateral and fully unleash Líf's abilities.

7 Triandra: Nightmare

Triandra is not only one of the best dancers in Fire Emblem Heroes, but she's also a speed demon and a force to be reckoned with. Her kit focuses on nerfing her opponents' stats and rendering them weak during combat, giving them no opportunity to strike first.

As a flying unit, Triandra can move far distances, and her passive B skill Aerobatics allows her to fly to the side of any non-flying ally nearby, providing even options for her movement-wise. Like with Líf, however, she works best with a healer at her side, and Triandra's A skill Atk/Spd Push can hit her with recoil damage whenever she is attacked by an enemy.

6 Mirabilis: Daydream

Book IV of Heroes continued unveiling powerful heroes with the arrival of Mirabilis whose sweet disposition and love of naps mask a powerhouse of a unit. While she doesn't do the most damage, Mirabilis makes up for her shortcomings with high defense and magical resistance stats.

Her passive skills Fort. Def/Res and Def/Res Gap help bolster her own defenses while sharing some of the bulk with her teammates. Whimsical Dream, her assist skill, gives nearby allies an attack boost while heavily impacting the attack skills of nearby foes.

5 Freyja: Lady Of Nightmare

Freyja, the goddess of love and queen of nightmares in the Fire Emblem Heroes universe, was first introduced as the main villain of the main story's fourth installment and released as a summonable hero alongside Triandra. Players found her boss fights quite difficult, and her default kit reflects that sheer power.

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Her A and B skills Atk/Speed Solo and Binding Necklace make her an unstoppable force when far away from allies, and, paired with her weapon Nightmare Horn, Freyja's speed stat receives a huge boost. She hits hard and fast, and she can strike her foes down before they even touch her.

4 Bramimond: The Enigma

A mysterious hero of legend from the classic Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Bramimond is one of only four colorless tome units currently available to players of Heroes. What's less mysterious, however, is how immensely useful Bramimond is for players. With their high resistance and even higher attack, Bramimond is one of the more dreaded units from Heroes' PVP modes.

Their unique passive skill, Impenetrable Dark, disables the skills of every other foe while in combat, leaving their opponents unable to rely on their allies' stat boosts to assist. Their current opponent fares no better, as Lull Atk/Res neutralizes any attack and resistance bonuses the foe might have benefitted from otherwise.

3 Seiros: Saint Of Legend

Another Mythic unit from Three Houses, Seiros debuted in Fire Emblem Heroes a year after Líf. While she is a contentious character back in her home game, Seiros' high resistance and ability to prevent her enemies from counterattacking make her a solid addition to any team.

Seiros also has the power to benefit her fellow Mythic Heroes. Her unique passive skill, Wings of Light, provides powerful stat boosts to herself and a maximum of two other Mythic units on the same team for the first five turns of the fight. She works best alongside other heroes of her caliber, and players with Seiros should feel free to experiment with Mythic Heroes that best benefit from her skill boosts.

2 Dagr: Sun's Radiance

Dagr is one of the more recent additions to the Mythic Heroes roster. Wielding the powerful ax Skinfaxi, Dagr deals high damage and has become a popular choice for players of the Aether Raids mode. Her kit relies on her retaining most of her HP in order to boost her attacks. With how powerful she is, however, HP renders itself a non-issue.

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Skinfaxi and Dagr's passive skill Even Tempest allows Dagr and her allies a little extra movement on certain turns, which is perfect for navigating a map or escaping opponents. Her unique skill is Sun-Twin Wing, which can slow opponents down and disregard any skills affecting counterattacks.

1 Reginn: Bearing Hope

Players can receive Reginn upon completing the first chapter of Book V, essentially giving them free access to an overwhelming powerhouse. Her weapon has the skill Canto built into it, giving Reginn the opportunity to move multiple times in one turn. In addition, her unique special activates on the very first turn and allows her a free hit and run on one of the opponent's units.

Reginn is the definition of a glass cannon; while a good wall can bring her down, her passive skills can weaken enemies before they even get a chance to do so. Her abilities put her far above the other free units of Fire Emblem Heroes, making her borderline overpowered.

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