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Fortnite's LeBron James Character Leaks Explained | Screen Rant

Fortnite is no stranger to rumors. As one of the biggest games in the world and one that often introduces character skins from other properties, Fortnite leaks are a rather common occurrence, hyping up fans for the next big, unannounced event coming to the hit battle royale. This time, the leaks focus around a real-life person instead of fictional characters from other video games, comics, or films: LeBron James. Here's everything to know about the latest leaks.

Even Fortnite fans who don't keep up with basketball have most likely heard the name before, especially since James is one of the most popular basketball players in recent history, along with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal and the late Kobe Bryant.While nothing is official just yet, the rumors come from leakers Hypex and Shiina, who both claim that LeBron James will be an Icon Series skin in Fortnite's next update.

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Hypex, a well-known Fortnite leaker with 1.7 million Twitter followers and 1.4 million YouTube subscribers, began tweeting about LeBron James's upcoming appearance toward the beginning of the week on July 5. Although Shiina, another popular Fortnite leaker, had tweeted earlier that day that they had exclusive information regarding a LeBron James Icon Series skin in the game, Hypex quickly began to fill in the details.

According to these alleged leaks, LeBron James' skin is arriving in the next update, adding that players can seemingly earn rewards by completing "King's Bling quests." Additional rewards are also expected, perhaps as tie-ins to James' upcoming film, Space Jam 2. Given the excitement for the film, and James' popularity, it makes sense for him to be a new addition to Fortnite.

While the LeBron James Iconic Series skin has yet to be officially confirmed, it does seem pretty likely. Epic Games is expected to make an announcement sometime this week or next, so fans should definitely keep an eye out. Other rumored leaks, like preferred item slot options in Fortnite, have also circulated online in recent weeks.

Although Shiina was the first leaker to drop the reveal regarding the LeBron James skin, their Twitter account seemingly hasn't posted about it since, making Hypex the main source of information until Epic Games makes an official announcement. However, if Hypex's timeline is to be believed, fans of Fortnite should expect to see the Icon Series skin, or at least an acknowledgment of its existence, sometime within the next few days.

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Source: Hypex/Twitter, Shiina/Twitter

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