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Friends: Each Main Character's Happiest (& Saddest) Scene

The central characters of Friends are, for the most part, a happy bunch who are enjoying their twenties surrounded by each other and who are generally enjoying navigating life. Each of them has a slew of happy, joyful scenes, whether they be something to do with their career, children, or significant others, but the show does not shy away from deeper issues, and there is plenty of heartbreak throughout.

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The same things that cause happiness for the beloved characters can also cause sadness, and alongside a handful of elated scenes, each character has a couple of moments of pure sadness.

10 Gunther - When Ross Breaks His Hand/Admitting Love To Rachel

The iconic manager of Central Perk is a prominent part of Friends for all ten seasons, and, despite being a background/side character, he does get a few scenes to showcase some emotion.

The happiest fans see Gunther is usually when Ross is being caused some sort of pain. When Ross punches the post in the coffee house, breaking his hand, Gunther shows off a huge grin. His hatred of Ross stems from his love of Rachel, and before she left for Paris, he decided to confess his feelings for her, which she did not reciprocate, with that definitely being his saddest moment.

9 Richard Burke - Monica Says She's Crazy About Him/They Breakup

Richard Burke was one of the best and one of the first real love interests in Friends, and his whole time in the show revolved around his relationship with Monica.

Any moment of them together is a happy one for Richard, but perhaps none more so than when Monica tells her parents she is crazy about Richard. Unfortunately, their relationship led to one of the most heartbreaking breakups in the show, as the two call it quits at Barry and Mindy's wedding due to wanting different things.

8 Janice Litman Goralnik (née Hosenstein) - Getting Back With Chandler/They Break Up

Another love interest whose time in the show mostly revolves around their relationship with one of the Friends is Janice, whose happiest scene is repeated throughout the early seasons and is when she is reunited romantically with Chandler by pure chance.

Like her happiest scene is a repeated one, her saddest scenes are all her break-ups with Chandler. However, there is one that stands out as much sadder, and that is when she gets back with her ex-husband, leaving Chandler, who actually really loved Janice in this outing.

7 Mike Hannigan - Getting Back Together With Phoebe/They Break Up

In the show's final season, Mike Hannigan was like the seventh friend, married to Phoebe after a twisty road. Their reunion in Barbados, where Phoebe welcomed him back in her life, was his happiest, even though he did have his proposal rejected.

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Of course, the pair would not have had a reunion if it were not for one of the saddest scenes for both Phoebe and Mike, as they decided to break up due to Mike not wanting to get married. Mike was one of the best love interests in Friends, and fans are thankful the two eventually pulled through and ended up together.

6 Phoebe Buffay - Marrying Mike/Goodbye To The Triplets

In reality, the happiest scene for both Phoebe and Mike was their wedding. Phoebe always did things unconventionally, so it was no surprise that her wedding did not go to plan. That did not stop it from being an immensely joy-filled, special occasion for both though.

When Phoebe agreed to give birth to her brother's children for him and Alice, it led to perhaps Phoebe's best storyline in Friends and one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the show. There were tears aplenty when Phoebe held the triplets in her arms and said goodbye to them, and it was perhaps the most beautiful, painful moment the character has.

5 Joey Tribianni - Moving Back In With Chandler/Chandler & Kathy

Joey and Chandler have the most iconic friendship of the series, and so many fantastic moments are shared between the two, especially in the first half of the show. Joey is a pretty consistently happy and supportive character. While he is happy in getting success as an actor, he is full of pure joy around Chandler, with perhaps his happiest being when he moves back in after a brief time on his own.

Despite moments of elation like the hug they share after he moves back in, Joey has been hurt by Chandler. His moving out and realizing he misses Chandler is miserable; however, arguably even sadder is when Chandler flat out betrays him. Initially, it was a lot of anger from Joey when Chandler kissed Kathy, but seeing the two together almost led Joey to move away for good.

4 Rachel Green - Having Emma/The Breakup

As arguably the character with the most development in Friends, Rachel has many crucial moments and many happy ones. Her realizing she has magic beans springs to mind, as does getting a job in the fashion industry, but when she has Emma, Rachel is smitten, and it is the happiest and most precious thing she experiences in the show.

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Rachel's saddest scene is one of the saddest in all of Friends, arguably the saddest, as she and Ross call it quits after Ross sleeps with Chloe, the xerox girl. The whole sequence of her and Ross talking, sitting in silence, and eventually breaking up while breaking down in tears is gut-wrenching and one that still has fans crying this many years later.

3 Ross Geller - She Got Off The Plane/Saying Goodbye To Marcel

Speaking of Ross, he has garnered quite a negative reputation over the years as the worst person in Friends, but he is still a crucial part of the show. Besides having his children, Ross's happiest moment comes in the finale and is perhaps Friends' most iconic moment, as Rachel gets off the plane and the two decide to be together for real.

Hours before this, when Rachel says goodbye is arguably Ross's saddest moment, so too is their initial breakup mentioned above. However, away from Rachel and their up and down relationship, when Ross says goodbye to Marcel, a character who helped him a lot in getting over his divorce, it is emotional, and letting him go is one of the hardest things Ross has to do.

2 Monica Geller - Having Children/Finding Out They Cannot Conceive

Monica Geller seemed ready to be a mother as soon as fans were introduced to her in the pilot. In the show's finale, after a long hard road, she finally became one, adopting twins and taking them to the apartment before moving into a proper house. It was amazing to see Monica's dream of having children come true and seeing how happy she was because of it.

Of course, Monica and Chandler did not have kids the conventional way despite trying. When Chandler told Monica that the pair of them were incapable of having children, it broke them, with both feeling awful as well as guilty that they could not provide biological children for the other. They obviously pulled through, but that reveal is still hard to watch.

1 Chandler Bing - Marrying Monica/Thinking He Lost Her

Monica and Chandler share many the same happy and sad scenes, with the pair having children being shared as a joyous occasion. So too is their wedding, which was weird and wonderful. It was actually perfect for the show's best romance, filled with happiness like nothing they had experienced to that point in their lives.

The proposal scene between the two months prior was so incredibly emotional, and one of the big reasons for that was because Chandler thought he had lost Monica forever. Going to Richards to find her and then eventually running into Joey, who told him she was gone, Chandler nearly broke down, in disbelief that he could mess things up that badly. Of course, this was swiftly made better with Monica waiting in candlelight for him to propose, but it does not take away from how destroyed Chandler was in those moments.

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