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Genshin Impact: How to Find (& Beat) Geovishap | ScreenRant

The Primo Geovishap is one of the many bosses players will face in Genshin Impact. This guide will show players how they can defeat it. Like with many bosses in Genshin Impact, players can return for rematches. A big part of doing this is the ascension items the boss will drop, making it possible to make characters stronger. In the case of the Primo Geovishap, players will want to battle it for items for Xiao and Hu Tao. Upon the first encounter, it can be difficult to take it down or discover its weak points. This guide will show players what it will take to bring down the Primo Geovishap.

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Players will be able to encounter the Primo Geovishap located in the Liyue region. There will be a small cave between Tianqiu Valley and Nanatianmen for players to enter. Before jumping into this boss, players will want to make some buff dishes since this is considered one of the more difficult bosses available. Not only that, but bringing along a bow-user will allow the players to properly zone and avoid getting too close. Even though the Primo Geovishap has both long and close-range attacks, bow users will have an easier time avoiding them. Also, bring along a Shield-user like Noelle or Zhongli and continue to shield at every moment. Now that the player is ready, here's how players can defeat the Primo Geovishap.

1 How To Defeat The Geovishap in Genshin Impact

The player's best bet is to continue on the move as the bow user and get close enough to do multiple shots at a time. Long-range attacks work fine but players will be able to get more damage the closer they are. Start off the fight by setting up a shield for your party and start attacking and dodging. It's important to keep distance to learn its attack pattern then respond accordingly. This is where those food items will come in handy.

If the player decided to not bring along a healer, this is an excellent supplement. The Geovishap has a fairly high HP bar so it will take a while to take it down. Continue to chip down its damage until he's defeated. Players will also need to use resin to collect the items it drops at the end of the fight. Players will need to get comfortable with this battle if they wish to max out Xiao or Hu Tao.

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Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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