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Ghost Of Tsushima: How A New Fighting Stance Could Affect Gameplay

Ghost of Tsushima’s Director’s Cut is arriving on August 20, 2021. However, there has yet to be much information regarding the recent announcement of the Iki Island expansion. While it was stated there would be new environments, armor, mini-games, and enemy types, most of the latest news now appears to be coming from alleged leaks online.

The base game of Ghost of Tsushima came with four different fighting stances, each targeting a certain enemy type, allowing for players to better exploit those enemies' weaknesses. Each style is mapped out to a specific button, making it easy for players to switch to a new stance on the fly just by holding down R2 and hitting the desired button. However, this may be subject to change if recent leaks are true.

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User QualityAssuranceTester on the ghostofikishima subreddit has stated there will be a new fighting stance for Jin to acquire. The leaker says, “High sidekicks, spinning head kicks along with jumping helicopter kick are mixed with sword attacks in this style. Somersaults and backward flips result from side and backstepping,” which is a lot of new animations being thrown into the mix if the leaks are correct. With the new rumored acrobatic style of fighting, alongside the leaker's statement of a “hooded outfit” like that of a ninja, Sucker Punch may be leaning more into Jin being a sort of proto ninja. He's already adapted stealth tactics, so why not learn a less stiff fighting stance?

There's also been talk about the new stance in the comments of the Reddit post in terms of how it will be mapped out on the controller. Ghost of Tsushima's combat system is complex and unique with how players access their desired stance, tool, bow, and so on. Seeing as all the button maps have been set, some fans are speculating that players may be able to swap out an old style for the new one, although it then limits a player’s ability to deal with a certain enemy type if every old enemy is returning along with the new ones.

The most likely possibility could be for players to hold L2 and R2. This would not only bring up a new screen that could hold four new stances but also four new ghost tools or weapons - and it would also keep the smoothness of selecting stances or tools. This would allow players to keep every original fighting stance obtainable in Ghost of Tsushima and their acquired tools on top of the new ones. With how vague Sucker Punch has been in terms of content, the word “Techniques” could be taken very differently. Players could receive a new stance, new techniques like Heavenly Strike or Dance of Wrath, new ghost tools, new weapons like the blow dart or black powder bombs, or all these things together.

The Ghost of Tsushima’s Director’s Cut, based on the Reddit leaks, could be around 15-20 hours. That’s a good bit of content to look forward to within the next coming month. Sucker Punch may even release some new gameplay at the rumored August 12 PlayStation event; hopefully, fans get some sort of trailer showing off the new additions in the DLC.

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