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Gilmore Girls: 10 Arguments Caused By Miscommunication

Lorelai and Rory have plenty of strengths throughout Gilmore Girls. Rory is great at school and focusing on tasks, while Lorelai is great at running her own business and being the life of the party. But if there’s one thing both ladies are poor at, it’s communication. A majority of the arguments Lorelai and Rory get into are due to a lack of communication or miscommunication.

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Regardless of the truth, the mother-daughter duo will dance around what's real to save themselves from whatever awkwardness they've justified. However, it’s not just Lorelai and Rory who don’t communicate. The theme runs rapidly throughout the series with various characters. For viewers, it’s hard watching the characters get into situations that could have been avoided with a little more conversation but that’s not the way Gilmore Girls works as it thrives on the theatrics.

10 Were Logan & Rory On A Break Or Not?

When Jess came to town after years of being away, he went to Rory's to give her a copy of a book he wrote. He wanted to personally show her that he was making something of his life and that she inspired him. The two planned on celebrating over food and drinks, but things went bad for Rory when Logan crashed their party by joining them. With Jess being Rory's ex, Logan acted like an aggressive fool and ruined the night. Rory was so disgusted by him that they went on a break.

Not long after, Logan's sister called Rory to say how sorry she was that she and Logan broke up. The only problem is that Rory had no idea they broke up, she thought they were on a break. This led to even more silence between the two. But it all could have been avoided if Rory told Logan what she needed during her time away after the Jess vs. Logan fiasco.

9 Rory Never Knew If Jess Was Calling To Make Plans (& Jess Didn't Realize Rory Cared)

In 'Face-Off,' Rory is annoyed when Jess doesn't call her after his shift at Luke's like he said he would. It was Friday night and she wanted to do something. After waiting around, she decided to leave home and go to the hockey game with Lane without leaving a message for Jess.

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Back in Stars Hollow, Jess had no idea that Rory was waiting around for him or that she was even mad at him. The two didn't tell each other how they felt ever and were running wild with miscommunications.

8 The Affair And A Runaway Trip To Europe

It was brazen of Rory to run off to Europe with her grandmother after sleeping with Dean (who was a married man at the time). Rory and Dean's relationship timeline seemed to be picking back up but Lorelai didn't think Rory understood the severity of an affair and encouraged her to go to Europe with Emily to stay away from Dean.

But did Rory talk to Dean after sleeping with him and before getting on that flight? No. He had no idea where she went and what her thoughts were on their rekindled romance. If Rory just talked to him before leaving, Lindsay would have never found the handwritten letter Rory sent to Dean after weeks of radio silence.

7 Lane And Zack Broke Up Because He Never Told Her About His Jealousy

It's not just Rory and her relationships that have miscommunication, it's Lane's too. When Hep Alien had a big performance in front of a live audience and agents, Zack butchered any chance of making it big because of a tantrum he threw on stage. Lane had no idea where this anger was coming from because Zack purposefully miscommunicated his feelings and never told her the reason.

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It turns out Zack was jealous that Brian wrote a song for Lane and was bothered by their closeness. He never told Lane this, of course, so the breakup was a painful one for Lane because his actions came out of nowhere.

6 Lorelai Didn't Know Why Luke Was Keeping Her From April Until They Were Shopping

It's easy to say there was a miscommunication between Luke and Lorelai when she found out about April, but that's not true — there was simply no communication at all. Luke hid it from Lorelai out of fear. Nevertheless, when Lorelai eventually found out, she took it for what it was and did her best to support Luke.

She always thought it was weird that Luke didn't introduce the two of them properly, and the truth didn't come out until they were birthday shopping for her. He admitted he didn't want them meeting yet because April would like Lorelai better. It was a sad scene for Lorelai because she had no idea he felt that way and kept making up excuses instead of being honest.

5 Why Didn't Rory Just Tell Emily Why Loreli Wasn't At Friday Night Dinner?

One of the most confusing parts about Lorelai is how long it takes her to tell the truth to her parents. Her news always found a way to Emily and Richard and they're always caught off guard. The same thing happened when Rory was gearing up for Yale. She got her dates mixed up and realized she had orientation the following day. The two ladies had so much to do, including Friday night dinner that couldn't be missed. Lorelai encouraged Rory to go to dinner while she finished Rory's errands.

At dinner, instead of explaining the mix-up to Emily and Richard, she simply said that her mom wasn't there because she was busy running errands, which enraged Emily. What she kept out what that Loreli was busy running Rory's errands to make sure she had everything she could possibly need for her freshman year of college.

4 Lorelai Made Her Bed After Miscommunication With Emily About Her Engagement To Max

Before Max left the show too soon, he and Lorelai had a whirlwind romance. The two were infatuated with each other and became engaged quickly after dating. Due to the quickness of it all, Lorelai kept the engagement from her parents because she wasn't interested in their commentary.

She lied her way through Emily's questions when it came to her relationship until Emily found out for herself through Sookie. Sookie invited Emily to Lorelai's wedding shower, but Emily didn't even know that her daughter was getting married. All Lorelai had to do was keep her mom in the loop, but it's never that simple with the Gilmores.

3 Lorelai And Luke's First Breakup Could Have Been Handled Better

After the atrocity that was Emily and Richard's vow renewal, Luke left in a tizzy and wasn't interested in seeing Lorelai. She tracked him down at Doose's Market to force an answer out of him on where their relationship was headed but he needed space. He said "You want to know what I'm thinking right now? That I can't be in this relationship anymore." However, that line wasn't exactly concrete. He needed more time to think.

Lorelai took that as a breakup and was in tears for days. Later, when Luke came to her house after getting a crying voicemail from her, she called him her ex-boyfriend, which appeared to surprise Luke that she said that. Fans seem to think that Luke didn't realize they were broken up until she said that. He viewed their time apart as a break. As always, miscommunication reared its ugly head.

2 Lane And Rory Kept Too Much From Each Other

Lane and Rory were best friends but they didn't always act like friends. In their younger years, they too had communication issues. When Rory began dating Dean, she wasn't as good of a friend to Lane as she once was.

Lane needed Rory but no longer felt valued in her life. This is why Rory was caught off guard when she found out Lane was cheerleading. The two were miscommunicating when it came to their friendship and it felt like they were strangers before hashing things out.

1 Lorelai & Luke's Surrogacy Issues

The reboot, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life proved that Luke and Loreli were still awful with communication. After 10 years, they finally decided to talk about kids and if they wanted one or not. They went to a surrogacy clinic to see their options but Luke slowly became more and more disinterested.

He wasn't ready for pregnancy or the process of surrogacy. A day or so later, however, Lorelai was still talking about the idea of having a baby, which surprised Luke because he thought she realized that he wasn't interested in it. Even after a decade, these two were still miscommunicating.

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