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Gilmore Girls: 10 Reasons Why Fans Are Team Jess, According To Reddit

For years, Gilmore Girls fans have been divided on who Rory Gilmore should have ended up with. Should she have focused her energies on her high school sweetheart, Dean? Should she have rekindled with Jess? Or should she have accepted Logan's proposal? Regardless of where fans stand, Team Jess fans took to Reddit to preach why he and Rory were a match made in Stars Hollow heaven.

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After a long hot and cold friendship, a short relationship, and brief encounters that made their hearts beat fast — Jess and Rory could have had it all. A small glimmer of hope for Team Jess fans was shown in the revival but it wasn't enough to answer Rory's fate.

10 Their Chemistry Together Was Felt Through The Screen

Whether it was because Alexis Bledel (Rory) and Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) dated in real life or not, their chemistry as Jess and Rory was felt by all. There was something about Jess that Rory gravitated to and it was clear on screen.

It could have been the mystery of him or perhaps the fact that no one in Stars Hollow gave Jess a chance. Regardless, their connection was electric.

9 His Character Growth Made Him Rory's Perfect Man

When Rory met Jess, he was the town's latest bad boy. He skipped school, stole from Taylor Doose, and he defied the rules. It wasn't until he and Rory broke up and he left Stars Hollow that Jess grew.

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When he came back in later seasons, Jess had moved to Philadelphia, had a full-time job, and had a respectful relationship with Luke. His character development was a standout. Later in the revival, Jess became everything Rory and Luke knew he could and proved everyone else wrong.

8 It Was Jess Who Pushed Her To Go Back To Yale (Not Logan)

Team Logan fans would say that he gave Rory security in a relationship but things didn't necessarily go her way when she and Logan were together. She took time off from Yale and it was Jess who was the one who questioned her decision and pushed her to go back.

Logan sat back and let Rory find her way because she was capable of her making her own decisions but it was Jess who reminded her what she was throwing away by doing this. Without Jess's pep talk, who knows if Rory would have gone back when she did.

7 It Was Also Jess Who Inspired Rory To Write A Book

Rory's future in her 30's was not what she expected yet the revival was realistic based on her actions. She was hopping from house to house, was running out of income, sleeping with her ex-boyfriend who was engaged, and in a slump at work. It wasn't until Jess made a pitstop in Stars Hollow and told Rory that she should write a book about her relationship with her mom that a lightbulb went off in Rory's head: that's what she was supposed to do.

She then spent the last stretch of the revival writing her story and it's safe to assume that it wouldn't have been made possible without Jess's insistence. Yet another reason why Team Jess fans support the former couple.

6 Was Jess A Male-Version Of Lane?

Jess and Lane did not get along when Jess and Rory weren't dating, but perhaps that's because they had more in common with each other than they realized. Like Lane, Jess was there for Rory whether he asked her to be there or not. He wanted to lend a helping hand (remember the sprinklers?) and be there for her.

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It's sad that Jess was never treated fairly by the likes of Stars Hollow but he was a best friend of sorts for Rory. He supported her decisions, gave her honest feedback, and let her know when she was wrong.

5 Jess And Logan Have More In Common Than They Realize

Team Logan fans loved that Logan got Rory out of her comfort zone and how intellectually challenging he was for Rory, however, Jess acted similarly. Jess was also a bad boy like Logan, he was incredibly bright and well-read like Logan, and he acted out against his family like Logan.

The difference between them, according to fans, was how they treated others. Jess never treated others like they were beneath him. He wasn't as social as Logan and he had some anxiety in social situations but if Rory was drawn to Logan for his smarts and wit, she shouldn't have quit on Jess so fast.

4 Jess Corrected His Mistakes And Became The Man Rory Needed

It's safe to say that Dean, Jess, and Logan all made mistakes in their younger years but learned from them and grew as they matured, but there was something about Jess's glow-up that couldn't be ignored by fans.

After California, he kicked his bad-boy image to the curb, got a job, wrote a book, and paid his dues to those he wronged. Watching his relationship grow with Luke was proof in itself that he changed. Jess's communication in high school was non-existent but his life as a young adult was exactly what Rory needed when she was lost.

3 Full Circle Moments

Gilmore Girls is filled with subtle full-circle moments, and one fan pointed out that Jess and Rory also had a full-circle moment in the revival.

The last scene of the revival had Rory telling her mom that she was pregnant. Now, the dad could theoretically be anyone's but Team Logan fans are hoping it's Logan's because of their on-and-off relationship with one another. If that's the case, it looks like Jess could fill the role of that baby's male figure just as Luke did for Rory. Jess would do anything for Rory and if that meant staying in Stars Hollow to help her raise her baby, he would.

2 Rory Needed A Balance Between Her Two Worlds, Which Jess Offered

Lorelai's distaste for her parents and their lifestyle oozed into Rory. Although she adored her grandparents and enjoyed the perks of their life, she too made fun of people like them (i.e. Logan and his family). This is why Lorelai loathed that Rory was dating someone like Logan because it was a life she was trying to escape.

One fan pointed out that a long-term relationship with Logan would never work because Rory was always uncomfortable around his family and what having the Huntzberger last name meant. With Jess, she would have the best of both worlds. She'd have a nice balance of wealth and normalcy if she was with Jess.

1 The Revival Could Have Hinted That Jess And Rory Were Endgame

At the end of the revival, Rory stepped away from Logan once and for all after realizing that his fiance was moving in with him in London. It appeared like she was done with him for good until the pregnancy news. However, there was a quick scene of Jess standing on Lorelai's porch looking inside at a very happy Rory with a peaceful look of hope on his face.

It gave Team Jess fans optimism that these two could be endgame after all and that they were finally in the right part of their lives for each other.

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