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Gilmore Girls: 5 Ways Rory Was A Good Student (& 5 She Wasn't)

As soon as Gilmore Girls fans met Rory Gilmore, they knew that she was destined for the Ivy League. She dreamed of going to Harvard, although she eventually decided to go to Yale, instead, and she had no trouble clearing her social calendar so she could focus on school.

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While Rory hung out with her best friend Lane and dated Dean and Jess during high school, she did prioritize school, especially once she began attending Chilton, a prestigious private school where teachers gave out piles of homework without a second thought. When thinking about Rory's days as a student both at Chilton and Yale, there were moments when she was a model student—but, other times, she was lackluster.

10 Was A Good Student: She Was Willing To Work Hard And Study All The Time

Rory was a great student because she knew that she had to work harder than she ever had before once she began going to Chilton. She also studied a lot and didn't always have tons of free time during her high school years, and she never once complained.

Rory did feel overwhelmed at times, which was natural and relatable. But, for the most part, she dove into her schoolwork with passion, determination, and a positive attitude. She rarely felt defeated and always knew that she could do well if she just put the time and effort in. While her work ethic made her stand out quite a lot at Stars Hollow High, it was definitely par for the course at Chilton.

9 Wasn't A Good Student: She Didn't Think About Extra-Curriculars Or Socializing At School

One of the biggest mistakes that Rory made while in high school was not signing up for extra-curricular activities. Rory was so focused on her schoolwork that she didn't want to be part of clubs, and she only thought about her academic experience at both Chilton and Yale.

Being part of a school's social scene is just as important as getting good grades, as it's nice to make connections and feel like part of a community.

8 Was A Good Student: She Switched Schools In Order To Further Her Future

A good student will do anything to excel and achieve their goals, and that's exactly what Rory did when she left Stars Hollow High and went to Chilton.

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Rory could have stayed at her school, but she felt that Chilton was a step to a brighter future, and, while it wasn't enjoyable for her to change schools, she was willing to do it. If Rory was a worse student, she would have felt more complacent and she would have had no problem staying put.

7 Wasn't A Good Student: She Wanted To Be Better Than Every Other Student

On the other hand, Rory was a lackluster student because she always wanted to be better and smarter than her peers, especially Paris.

While Gilmore Girls' Chilton did foster a competitive vibe, Rory sometimes got too caught up in getting higher grades than everyone around her, and she should have been focusing on her own education and what she was getting out of each class. In one episode, she didn't want to tell Paris her PSAT scores, and, while Rory was teasing Paris, why did it mean so much to her to keep this private?

6 Was A Good Student: She Impressed At Chilton And Was Chosen As Valedictorian

If Rory wasn't a great student, she would never have been able to handle her years at Chilton, and she wouldn't have been picked as the senior year valedictorian, either.

When Rory was able to make an inspiring speech at her graduation ceremony, this proved that her peers and teachers thought very highly of her, and she was able to make a positive impression on them. This was a moving moment, as fans saw how much Rory had learned and grown in the past few years.

5 Wasn't A Good Student: She Got Overly Upset When She Received Bad Grades

Rory's main flaw as a student? The fact that she got really mad and upset when she got low grades. Fans are critical of Rory and this is one of the reasons, as she's a perfectionist.

In the season 1 episode 'The Deer Hunters,' Rory was shocked when she got a D, and she got the same low grade again when she began attending Yale. Both times, she felt like the teacher was insulting her intelligence, and she struggled to accept the constructive criticism. If she could have spoken to her teachers in a calmer way, she might have been able to learn something from these experiences.

4 Was A Good Student: She Loved Learning New Things And Read 24/7

One of Rory's most positive traits is her curious nature, and she proved that she was always an ambitious and intelligent student as she never wanted to stop learning. She was often one of the only students who was actively engaged in the class discussion and seemed to genuinely enjoy learning.

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Rory also seemed to spend every free moment that she had reading, even bringing books with her when going places. That said, she could have used some of that time to help improve her extra-curricular resume.

3 Wasn't A Good Student: She Didn't Plan For College As Much As She Should Have

Rory's Harvard dreams meant that she worked hard in class and prioritized good grades, but she seemed to think that was all that was necessary. Her lack of planning around college admissions is confusing, as getting into an Ivy League meant so much to her.

Rory never realized that colleges would want to see her become more interesting and well-rounded. When she applied to schools in season three, she got really upset at the competition and knew that she had to step up her game. Writing for the school paper wasn't going to be enough, but that was mostly what she focused on at both Chilton and Yale.

2 Was A Good Student: She Wasn't Easily Intimidated

Rory's other strength as a student lay in her ability to take on challenges without getting intimidated.

While Rory was a little nervous after her tough first day at Chilton and she definitely had a meltdown after getting a D, she knew that she was in the right place and tried her best to fit in academically. Other students might have worried a lot more, but Rory was grateful to have the chance to be at such a prestigious school.

1 Wasn't A Good Student: She Wasn't Always As Organized As She Could Have Been

While Rory seemed like an organized person, she made many mistakes that suggested that she had some room for improvement in this department. She wasn't the best student because she often assumed that she was on track when she really wasn't.

At the beginning of season 4, viewers were surprised to learn that Rory got the date wrong for her orientation, and she had to rush to get ready. It was strange and confusing that Rory would miss something like this since starting school with enough time and preparation was supposed to be important to her.

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