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Gossip Girl: 10 Characters Who Left The Show Too Soon

When a television series like Gossip Girl runs for several years, it's inevitable that not every character introduced can stick around. If that were the case, there would be dozens of people to keep track of by the time the series finale rolled around. While the core cast of Blair, Chuck, Dan, Nate, and Serena remained intact, there were a lot of characters who came in and out of their storylines over the course of the show.

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Amongst those many characters are some that really could have used more screen time. Plenty of recurring characters appeared only to get in the middle of a relationship or exact revenge, and then, disappeared into the night. These characters would have made for some interesting, and more fleshed out, stories.

10 Eric van der Woodsen

The slow phasing out of Eric might be one of the saddest things about Gossip Girl. Of course, getting out of the Upper East Side was probably really good for him as a person, so plenty of fans were happy for him.

When Eric is introduced, he's trying to recover from attempting to take his own life, and he bonds quickly with Jenny. As Jenny changes and even betrays him a time or two, Eric's own life is in danger of spiraling. He's such a great moral compass for characters like Jenny and Serena though when they start to lose themselves, that it's a shame the show didn't really seem to know what to do with him in the world of scandal and social upheaval.

9 Louis Grimaldi

Louis is the fairy tale prince that the audience loves to hate in season 4. Just when it seems that Blair will get her fairy tale ending with him, the rug is pulled out from under her as she realizes just how awful Louis and his family truly are.

While everyone in the audience is glad to see Louis and Blair's relationship come to an end (and her friendship with Dan strengthened as a result), Louis' story didn't have to end with the relationship. It might have been more interesting to actually see Louis learn from his experience and grow instead of remain an entitled prince with a score to settle.

8 Olivia Burke

Olivia is a controversial character - even for Gossip Girl. Played by Hilary Duff when audiences were still getting used to her not being Lizzie McGuire, Olivia is an actress who decides to embrace her wild side while she's dating Dan.

The trouble is, the audience didn't connect with her right away like they did a lot of the other recurring characters. She was used as a stepping stone for Dan and Vanessa's friendship to progress to something more. Olivia deserved a chance at her own character arc instead of simply being part of Dan's. If the audience had the chance to get to know her outside of her relationship with Dan, that would have worked in her favor.

7 Raina Thorpe

Like many of the characters who disappeared from the story too quickly, Raina joined the series as a love interest for one of the central five characters. In her case, most of her storylines revolved around Chuck.

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Unlike most of Olivia's development being dependent on her romance, however, Raina's storyline centered on the importance of family in her life. In a show where nearly all of the families were fraught with drama, it was refreshing to see a character so invested in the importance of good relationships. Unfortunately, her world was shattered by her father's huge lie about her own mother. Raina didn't really have the chance to grieve after the information was thrown at her; she simply left for Chicago.

6 Cyrus Rose

When Gossip Girl first begins, Eleanor Waldorf isn't the warmest mother. She and Blair clearly have a lot of issues in their relationship. When Eleanor marries Cyrus, however, she softens. Cyrus is a good influence on both Waldorf women and one of the sweetest people in the show.

He rarely makes appearances, though he doesn't technically leave the show completely. Cyrus gets a lot of mentions, but he's mostly out of town during a lot of Blair's bigger storylines. If only Cyrus was a bigger part of her life instead of vanishing for most of the series, perhaps some of Blair's schemes would have turned out differently.

5 Aaron Rose

It seems impossible to mention Cyrus without also bringing up his son Aaron. That's right. Blair has a stepbrother who essentially disappears from the face of the Earth after his relationship with Serena fizzles out.

Serena leaves to fly to another country with him, but as she later points out to Dan, she breaks up with Aaron on the plane. Aaron, like a lot of Serena's short-lived relationships, is actually good for her, getting her to think about the world beyond her UES bubble. It's strange to think that he didn't pop up for family gatherings or holiday episodes to at least tangentially be a part of Blair's social circle.

4 Eva Coupeau

When Chuck is shot, he spends an extensive amount of time recovering in Paris and bonding with Eva. They both initially lie to one another about their pasts, and it's only through Blair's meddling that either of them discovers the truth about one another.

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Eva accompanies Chuck back to New York, but her time there is very short as she decides to give up the glitzy life Chuck is used to. It's a shame that she doesn't try to stick things out for a little longer because she really acts as a grounding force for the brief time that's in Chuck's life.

3 Bree Buckley

Bree and Nate's love story is initially sweet and a little star-crossed. They fall for one another before realizing their families are rivals in the political arena. At least, Nate does. Bree, in reality, already knows all that. Her scheming could rival that of the entirety of the UES.

That's part of what makes Bree such a fun character. She clearly fits in well in Nate's life, and she does really end up caring about him. Adding her to the mix would have meant Nate wouldn't continuously be the odd man out, but she opted to leave town when her carefully constructed revenge plot targeted toward another recurring character didn't work out.

2 Carter Baizen

Carter happens to be the recurring character that Bree's family wants revenge on. He made a lot of mistakes in his past, but he learned from them and wanted to move past them just in time for the Buckleys to target him.

Carter also happens to be one of the best boyfriends that Serena had. He's one of the few characters the fanbase seems to agree should have stuck things out with Serena. He made her strive to be better, something that couldn't be said for a lot of her love interests.

1 Juliet Sharp

Like so many characters who suddenly emerged on the UES, Juliet had revenge on her mind. She spends much of her story trying to get back at Serena for helping get her brother arrested. Juliet's hatred of Serena, who went completely off the rails at boarding school and caused problems for a lot of people, isn't completely unfounded, which is why a lot of fans would have loved to see Juliet stick around.

Sure, she was a schemer and did bad things, but so is Georgina. Juliet could have built a life in the UES just like the latter did.

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