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Harley Quinn: The 10 Best Character Designs In The Show

HBO Max's Harley Quinn is one of DC's most well-renowned shows. One of the reasons for its success is the way in which it has interpreted some of the characters from the company's comics. From their personalities to their physical appearances and costume creation, the designs of these characters are very unique.

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Mostly made up of villains and anti-heroes, these loveable rogues are beautifully animated, with a great level of detail and attention being put into the way they are portrayed. While every character in the show carries with it the same quirky charm, some of the designs stand out far above the rest.

10 Doctor Psycho

Doctor Psycho is the character that tries to draw Harley Quinn back to the villainous path the most. He's cruel and calculated but completely wacky at the same time. The character has been ripped straight from the comics but his odd design has been capitalized on.

Incredibly short, with mad hair and a funny little suit, this all plays into the inferiority complex that Psycho is constantly dealing with. While not visually the most interesting character in the show, in terms of storytelling it's easy to understand the Doctor just by looking at him.

9 Sy-Borg

Sy-Borg or Borgman as he is often known was a veteran of the game. The supporting character isn't really focused on in the comics, but he actually has an interesting set of abilities. More machine than man, he can turn into a variety of vehicles and weapons.

The character is certainly past his best years but has still managed some impressive feats. His comedic wit, linked to both his age and changing abilities has allowed the animators to create a really intriguing character design, one that has continued to evolve especially throughout the initial season.

8 Frank The Plant

Adding Frank the Plant to proceedings was a great way to add comedic relief to the show. One of Poison Ivy's creations, there isn't really a representative character like this in the source material, despite Ivy actually creating a number of humanoid-like plants.

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The design is very simple but effective, with the violent plant looking a bit like a venus fly trap; a piece of imagery usually used in relation to Poison Ivy. Quick-witted and always giving out great advice, out of all the characters, Frank really pops from the screen.

7 Kite Man

Kite Man is another rarely used character due to his corny powers. Literally, a man strapped to a kite, this anti-hero has been used to perfection in Harley Quinn. The show has really played into the cheesy nature of Kite Man and made a more intriguing character from it.

Portrayed as a little bit pathetic but completely loveable, Kite Man became an MVP of the show as he continued to share the spotlight alongside the leads. His costume is hilarious and plays on the kite idea and he often plays off of Quinn well, allowing her to produce some of her best quips.

6 Queen Of Fables

The Queen of Fables has been used sparingly in the source material but served as one of the big bads of Harley Quinn. Quinn actually helps to save Fables from her fate of being trapped in a storybook, but the reason for her imprisonment becomes very clear.

The way in which this character is interpreted on-screen is phenomenal. The animators really utilized plenty of fairytale characters as Fable's thugs and her level of violence was truly shocking. This was a great use of the character and visually one of the most memorable designs.

5 Clayface

Clayface is the dark horse of the group. He's actually one of Batman's most notable villains and can usually be seen as a giant monster, wreaking havoc across Gotham. The animated show took a more subtle approach to the character though as they focused on his acting instead.

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This was a brilliant move for the character, who suddenly had a fully fleshed-out personality, obsessed with trying to understand the people he was portraying. His brawn was used far less than his transformation skills, which came in handy time and time again. The team put personality into a brown blob!

4 Bane

Bane has long since been the joke of the DC Universe as there's always the ongoing problem of not being able to fully understand the character. Harley Quinn painted Bane as sympathetic because of this speech impediment and it really paid off.

His lines are some of the funniest in the show and his voice is completely memorable. While he still has all the power associated with the character and visually draws on some classic designs, Bane here feels both like a parody and the real thing rolled into one.

3 King Shark

Harley Quinn has had plenty of wholesome moments but nobody would have expected them to come as a result of King Shark. While he is usually a brooding and monstrous creature, in Harley Quinn King Shark has been transformed into a misunderstood beast.

Rarely eating anyone and acting as a bit of a gentle giant, King Shark is even out of shape and prefers wearing comfy sweaters. It's a design that might have influenced King Shark's upcoming live-action portrayal which shows how good it really is.

2 Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy has acted as Harley Quinn's major love interest on a number of occasions but the show really builds from a foundation of friendship. The two have a complex and interesting relationship, with Ivy often playing the deadpan role to Quinn's wacky humor.

Ivy is still the eco-warrior fans know her to be, but there's a deeper soul there to be explored. Visually she's a modern take on what has been seen from the character in the past, but from her powers to even her romance to Kite Man, everything here feels fresh.

1 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn had to be the most notable character of the show considering it is her name in the title. From her origins as the Joker's girlfriend, downgraded to henchmen and sidekick, to becoming the leader of her own squad; this story is all about emancipation.

She ditches the traditional Harley wardrobe for a range of new choices which are equally as colorful. Her choice of weapons are still definitely a lot of fun and Harley continues to steal every scene she's in. The character is vibrant and dynamic and the perfect anti-hero for audiences to follow.

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