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How Dragon Ball Fans Can Generate Their Own Super Saiyan Names

Here’s how fans of Dragon Ball can find their very own Super Saiyan name. Dragon Ball is creator Akira Toriyama's long-running manga and anime series. Even those who haven’t read any of the franchise’s many mangas or seen the anime shows or films have probably heard rappers like Soulja Boy or Waka Flocka Flame waxing lyrical about Dragon Ball protagonist Goku or heard the phrase “Super Saiyan.” The latter has entered the pop culture lexicon and come to describe the act of freaking out and beating the ever-living daylights out of somebody.

Of course, true fans of Dragon Ball will know there’s a little more to going Super Saiyan than that. It’s an advanced transformation that members or hybrids of the Saiyan race can assume during battle if they have a sufficient number of microscopic cells known as S-Cells in their body, and Super Saiyan usually triggered when a Saiyan experiences an intense emotion like anger or sadness. Super Saiyan was once thought to be the stuff of legend by the characters of Dragon Ball until Goku achieved the transformation after Frieza killed his best friend Krillin.

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Since the Super Saiyan transformation made its debut in chapter 317 of Akira Toriyama's original Dragon Ball manga and episode 95 of Toei Animation’s Dragon Ball Z anime, it’s become an iconic part of the franchise. Several other Super Saiyan forms have been introduced too, like Super Saiyan Full Power and the Super Saiyan Blue. Now, thanks to Dragon Ball voice actor Christopher Sabat, fans can find out what their own Super Saiyan name would be with his name generator.

Christopher Sabat, who has voiced several Dragon Ball characters including Vegeta and Piccolo, posted what he called “Sabat’s Super Thought Out Saiyan Name Generator” on Twitter in 2017. According to Sabat, the process is pretty straightforward; simply take the words “Super Saiyan” and add the last vegetable you ate minus the last two letters. For example, if the last veggie someone ate was cauliflower then your Super Saiyan name would be “Super Saiyan Cauliflo” or if it was some sweet potato then it would be “Super Saiyan Sweet Pota”.

There’s logic to why Christopher Sabat selected vegetables as an integral part of his Super Saiyan name generator. The word Saiyan is an anagram of the Japanese word for vegetable and many pure-blooded members of the Saiyan race in Dragon Ball have names that are puns of various types of vegetables like Raditz (radish), Paragus (asparagus) and Cabba (cabbage).

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