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How Incredibles Is Unlike Every Other Pixar Movie | Screen Rant

Pixar's animated movies are often quite unique from one another, but The Incredibles is unlike every other movie to come from the studio. Pixar became one of the biggest animated studios in all of Hollywood after Toy Story changed animated movies forever. The ingenuity and popularity of their movies have made many of them classics. While Pixar routinely explores new concepts and ideas, there are now certain expectations audiences have when it comes to seeing their latest film.

While Pixar is routinely praised for its great animation, unique worlds, and balancing a tone that works for children and larger themes that resonate with adults, those aren't the only parts that their movies have in common. The studio has developed a habit of including Easter eggs referring to its own movies or other parts of Pixar's or Hollywood's history. This even led to the popular theory that there is a Pixar Shared Universe in which all of the movies exist. One of the staples of Pixar's movies is the Pizza Planet truck, which originated in the studio's first film, Toy Story.

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After Toy Story debuted the Pizza Planet truck, Pixar turned the yellow delivery vehicle into one of the studio's most popular Easter eggs. It was briefly seen in their next film, A Bug's Life, and returned in Toy Story 2. The Pizza Planet truck Easter eggs have varied throughout the years, but it is still an aspect that Pixar fanatics keep an eye out for with each movie. Pixar's twenty-fourth movie, Luca, even included the Pizza Planet truck, making it the twenty-third movie to do so. The only movie not to include the now-iconic vehicle is The Incredibles. Fans have scoured the superhero adventure for a sighting of the Pizza Planet truck, but none have been found since its 2004 release.

The lack of a Pizza Planet truck Easter egg in The Incredibles is surprising considering every other Pixar movie has managed to include it in some capacity. So what was the reason behind its absence? Surprisingly, that hasn't been confirmed so far. Director Brad Bird was previously asked about whether or not The Incredibles secretly had a Pizza Planet truck Easter egg, and he admitted he had no idea because he was too focused on actually making the movie. If there is a Pizza Planet truck Easter egg in The Incredibles, it must be very well hidden.

There were plenty of opportunities for the Pizza Planet truck to appear in The Incredibles, too. Despite the movie taking place in the 1960s, a retro version of the delivery vehicle could have been featured. The city settings included a number of other cars, so a Pizza Planet truck easily would have fit. Fans have speculated that several yellow cars could be associated with Pizza Planet, but the spaceship topper isn't visible. The good news is Incredibles 2 did include a Pizza Planet truck Easter egg, so the family arcade does exist in this universe, even if The Incredibles doesn't reference it.

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