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How to Find (& Kill) Mothman in Fallout 76 | Screen Rant

Fallout 76, like every Fallout game, features a wide variety of mutated creatures and humans. Along players’ adventures in Appalachia, there are encounters with rare enemies that prove tougher than the typical opponent. Several of these encounters involve beings known as “cryptids,” which are based on urban legends in real life. With the release of the Steel Reign update, players may be wondering which rare enemies they missed in the previous updates to the game. One of the most popular legends from Appalachian folklore is the Mothman, which is also a rare enemy found in Fallout 76.

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The Mothman is said to be a human-sized moth with glowing red eyes that inhabits forestland in West Virginia. People have been spotting the Mothman for decades and claiming its existence. While the Mothman may not be a real-life creature, various types of the Mothman do exist in Fallout 76. These enemies are very rarely encountered at night when their red eyes can be seen glowing in the dark. Here’s how players can find and kill the Mothman in Fallout 76.

The Mothman only spawns during the evening at random encounter locations. Although it won’t be spawned at every possible location, cycling through its known roosts will eventually turn up a Mothman. The following locations have a chance to spawn a Mothman at night:

  • Several Cult of the Mothman locations like the church in Kanawha County Cemetery, Blake’s Offering, outside Lucky Hole Mine, and on top of the Moth-Home northwest of Camp Venture.
  • The guarded checkpoints of the Whitespring Resort.
  • Within the Enclave Research Facility (Scorched Mothman)

There is also a friendly Mothman that spawns at the end of the Path of Enlightenment event that occurs at the Landview Lighthouse. Once players complete the event, a “Wise Mothman” with purple eyes will appear on the ground below. By interacting with this Mothman, players gain a 5% XP boost for the next hour. Thankfully, players can get rid of this friendly Mothman without the use of things like mutations or special weapons.

There are five types of Mothman: Stalking Mothman, Vengeful Mothman, Glowing Mothman, Scorched Mothman, and the previously mentioned Wise Mothman. The Stalking Mothman has glowing red eyes and watches players from a distance. If provoked, the Stalking Mothman will attack. The Vengeful Mothman spawns in three different colors and will always be immediately aggressive. The Glowing Mothman is irradiated, and the Scorched Mothman has been infected by the Scorched Plague. Each Mothman has the same types of attacks.

There isn’t a set way to defeat a Mothman, but it’s always a good idea to take it on with a group. The Mothman uses powerful vocalizations to attack players with sonic blasts from a distance. These sonic blasts disorient and stagger players as well. The Mothman will also periodically teleport, generally somewhere behind the player. Once the Mothman is defeated, it will hit the ground and disintegrate into an ash heap. Remember to have some backpack space open so that any loot from the Mothman can be readily stored in the inventory!

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Fallout 76 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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