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How to Kill Dr. Blackburn in Fallout 76: Steel Reign

Just like every entry in the Fallout series, Fallout 76 has no shortage of boss fights. From mystical legendary creatures such as the Sheepsquatch, to massive endgame leviathans like the Scorchbeast Queen, boss battles are everywhere in Fallout 76. While some of these mutated predators are encountered during events or randomly in the wastes of Appalachia, some bosses are only found by completing certain storylines.

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The newest update to Fallout 76, Steel Reign, features a main storyline that culminates in a major boss fight. Wastelanders will probably complete the Steel Reign storyline without much issue, but the last boss fight against Dr. Blackburn can prove to be a bit tricky, especially at higher levels. Here’s how players can defeat the Dr. Blackburn boss fight in Fallout 76: Steel Reign.

Throughout their adventures in the new, riveting storyline of Steel Reign, players will deal with Dr. Blackburn in human form. However, at the end of the last mission, “The Catalyst,” Dr. Blackburn transforms into a Super Mutant Behemoth. Dr. Blackburn’s level and stats scale with the player’s level up to level 100. If the player is level 25 or under, Dr. Blackburn has 2000 HP, and at level 100 his health is scaled up to 20,000 HP. Blackburn’s resistances and stats will also increase as his level scales upward. The tips in this guide focus on Dr. Blackburn at level 100 but can be applied to the boss fight at any level.

Dr. Blackburn has a 135 damage resistance, 80 energy resistance, 300 poison resistance, 300 fire resistance, 300 cryo resistance, and complete radiation immunity. Dr. Blackburn also has perks giving him cripple immunity, stagger immunity, paralysis immunity, ricochet immunity, and disintegration immunity. This may seem like a lot of immunities, but it is more important to keep Dr. Blackburn’s weaknesses in mind rather than his strengths.

Dr. Blackburn operates similarly to a typical Super Mutant Behemoth with different attacks. He has three types of attacks: a melee attack that does 180 damage, a ranged attack that does 50 damage, and an AOE attack that does 10 damage per second over 15 seconds. The AOE attack involves Dr. Blackburn shooting poison projectiles in an area of effect, doing damage to players in the blast radius. These attacks are not particularly devastating if players don’t get caught in the AOE for an extended period!

With all of Dr. Blackburn’s attributes in mind, the best method to take down the behemoth is by using energy weapons against his weak spot. Just like all Super Mutant Behemoths, Dr. Blackburn has a weak spot located on the top of his head. Since he has a weakness against energy weapons, the fastest way to kill him is by repeatedly hitting his head in V.A.T.S. with a good arsenal of energy weapons. Once Dr. Blackburn has been defeated, players may want to use some of that extra backpack space to pick up the loot on his body. Alas, Dr. Blackburn does not have any coveted loot items. Regardless, the boss fight against Dr. Blackburn is an explosive culmination of the Steel Reign storyline.

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Fallout 76 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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