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Infinite Frontier Brings Back One of DC's Most Powerful Heroes

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Infinite Frontier #2!

In Infinite Frontier #2, another dead DC Comics hero, Captain Atom, makes his return. Captain Atom was last seen in Dark Knights: Death Metal, where he died triggering an explosion that wiped out the entire west coast of America. It's been stated that nearly every dead hero is returning in the Infinite Frontier era, thanks to everything resetting after the events of Dark Knights: Death Metal's conclusion. Naturally, Captain Atom returning from the dead makes sense.

Captain Atom is an extremely powerful hero. He was given powers after he was forced to undergo an experiment where he was placed inside an alien ship and blown up a nuclear bomb. This forced the ship's metal to wrap around Captain Atom's body. His powers come from his ability to harness power from the quantum field. Essentially, Captain Atom is powered on nuclear energy and can trigger an explosion big enough to wipe out a large portion of America. Needless to say, Captain Atom is one of DC's most powerful heroes.

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In Infinite Frontier #2 by Joshua Williamson and Xermanico, Captain Atom returns from the dead. In this issue, Agent Chase is sent to look for him as Director Bones thinks he will be a great help, especially since they think he knows quite a bit about the multiverse. However, it turns out that Captain Atom isn't the Earth-0 version of himself. The whereabouts of the real Captain Atom have not been revealed, but this iteration is seemingly from another Earth. After he is found out, in a shocking twist, it's revealed that Captain Atom is working for Darkseid.

The implications of someone as powerful as Captain Atom working for Darkseid is huge. It's clear that Darkseid's army is already growing and they have control of much more heroes and villains than readers have been told about. According to Captain Atom, the D.E.O knows nothing about what's really going on in the Multiverse. He knows way too much and if he were to be captured, he knows that Darkseid will come for him. This leads Captain Atom to rip open his chest and cause a nuclear explosion, killing himself and everyone else surrounding him.

If anything's to be taken away from Captain Atom's return in Infinite Frontier it's that Darkseid is more powerful than ever. The simple thought of betraying Darkseid is more than enough for a former hero like Captain Atom to choose death over him finding out. Darkseid has garnered a hold over some of the multiverse's strongest heroes, including the Flash, who supposedly helped with recruiting this version of Captain Atom. Things don't look good for the heroes of Infinite Frontier and a lot more is about to be revealed. Infinite Frontier #2 is available in comic book stores and on digital platforms now.

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