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Invincible Vs. Spider-Man: Who Would Win? | ScreenRant

Superhero fans always like to imagine their favorite heroes and villains in hypothetical matchups, especially when those characters don't have the convenience of being in the same universe. In Marvel Team-Up #14, fans didn't need to imagine a battle between Spider-Man and Mark Grayson, the superhero Invincible.

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That 2006 comic book mostly had the two young heroes teaming up to take on villains, including Doctor Octopus, leaving fans to wonder how a fight would really shake down between them. The tussle between Spider-Man and Invincible would be brutal and bloody, with each possessing powers and abilities that give them an edge.

10 Spider-Man Wins: Spidey-Sense

One of Spider-Man's best advantages in any fight is his Spidey-Sense. His heightened awareness alerts him to danger, which would come in very handy against Invincible.

Mark Grayson has Peter Parker beat in a number of powers and abilities, so the Spidey-Sense would be invaluable in keeping the fight somewhat even. Peter Parker has used the Spidey-Sense to overcome huge odds before, particularly in defeating the most powerful members of the Sinister Six supervillain team.

9 Invincible Wins: Speed

Spider-Man is fast, but nowhere near as fast as Invincible. Mark Grayson was able to fly from the United States to Antarctica in mere moments in issue #4 of the Invincible comic book series. This is far in excess of the speed of sound, and far beyond anything Peter Parker can do.

With Spider-Man mostly bound to the ground or at least tall buildings, Invincible's ability to meteor into the battle at hypersonic speeds would net him a favorable result just by crashing into the ground Spider-Man was standing on.

8 Spider-Man Wins: Healing Factor

Spider-Man's healing factor typically doesn't get as much attention as some of his other powers do, but he does rely on it. His healing factor allows him to get back in fights very quickly after brutal encounters against villains like Kraven The Hunter, who buried him alive in one of the coolest Kraven The Hunter storylines, Kraven's Last Hunt.

Spider-Man's healing factor would be absolutely essential against Invincible, who would be landing a lot of serious punches in their hypothetical fight.

7 Invincible Wins: Invulnerable

Spider-Man would be landing a lot of punches as well, but it's unlikely they would have much impact. Thanks to his Viltrumite genetic lineage, Mark Grayson is effectively invulnerable. Only other beings as strong as he is, like his father Mark Grayson, can make a real impact.

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Even then, his healing factor helps him recover from some very serious injuries. Mark Grayson is one of the most powerful characters in the Invincible universe and would be in the Marvel Universe as well, meaning the fight with Spider-Man would be titled heavily in his favor.

6 Spider-Man Wins: Martial Arts Ability

Spider-Man is very strong himself, able to lift thousands of tons of heavy steel. But a deciding factor in his battle against Invincible might be his martial arts ability. Spider-Man actually learned some serious hand-to-hand combat chops from Shang-Chi, perhaps the best martial artist in the Marvel Universe.

Spider-Man trained with Shang-Chi during the Spider-Island storyline in 2011, after Peter Parker completely lost his Spidey-Sense. He picked up some martial arts training to offset this serious loss.

5 Invincible Wins: Interstellar Flight

Presuming Spider-Man could get in a few punches against Invincible, he'd have to keep up with him. That would essentially be impossible, as not only can he fly extremely fast, but he can fly in outer space.

Mark Grayson can rocket into space in seconds, and continue in interstellar flight without any exposure to the vacuum of space. This ability alone renders Spider-Man at a serious disadvantage. If Spider-Man webbed up Mark Grayson, all Invincible would have to do is take him for a ride.

4 Spider-Man Wins: Endurance

Spider-Man might be outmatched in the fight, but his superhuman endurance means he can hold on for a long time. Invincible would have to land a winning blow right away or the fight could go on for hours, if not days.

Spider-Man has shown the ability to hang in fights for long periods of time, as well as resist the pressures of enormous pain and fatigue. He also can endure extraordinary weight, as he showed when he lifted massive tons of machinery off of him after being trapped in The Amazing Spider-Man #33.

3 Invincible Wins: Willpower

Spider-Man's endurance might not be enough to overcome the staggering willpower that Mark Grayson possesses. When faced with overwhelming odds, especially when fighting against his most powerful father Omni-Man or an all-out Viltrumite invasion, he never gives up.

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Spider-Man doesn't represent near the challenge that those threats did, meaning that for all of Spider-Man's ability, he would likely not be able to even test the limits of Grayson's willpower. Combined with his invulnerability, Invincible would be essentially unstoppable.

2 Spider-Man Wins: Cunning

Spider-Man's best asset in battle is his brains. One of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe, Peter Parker is always going to find a way out of a jam. He proved this against Venom in their spectacular first battle in The Amazing Spider-Man #300.

Spider-Man realizes that Venom is sensitive to sound - as is Mark Grayson, at certain frequencies, which can destabilize him in flight - and exploits this advantage to its fullest. Despite being a superior foe, it's very possible Invincible goes down by being outsmarted by Spider-Man.

1 Invincible: Super Strength

The true deciding factor in the battle is likely to be that Invincible is so strong. Spider-Man is very strong, but nowhere near Mark Grayson, who has Superman levels of strength. He completely destroyed the Viltrumite homeworld with his fists, which means he could render all of New York City a wasteland in moments.

He's the type of threat that Spider-Man calls his friends the Avengers or Fantastic Four for help with, but even they would find themselves challenged to bring down such a powerful character. Spider-Man almost certainly would lose an all-out battle with Invincible.

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