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Jackass 4 Rejected Stunt Led To Steve-O's Most Embarrassing Trip To The ER

A Steve-O stunt that didn’t make the final cut of the upcoming Jackass 4 led to the star’s most embarrassing trip to the ER. Throughout the numerous Jackass TV episodes, films, and specials, Steve-O has always been one of the most daring members of the notoriously stupid stunt crew. Having lived through some seriously dark days due to substance abuse at the height of Jackass’ success, Steve-O today finds himself clean and sober, but no less daring.

In fact, while much of the Jackass crew saves their passion for dangerous and ridiculous stunts for the films, Steve-O seems to thrive on risk. His career to date has seen him launch his own YouTube channel, as well as a series of videos and collaborations with other like-minded thrill seekers beyond the world of Jackass. He’s also brought a live tour to fans, the likes of which blends storytelling, comedy and of course, stunts. Throughout all this, there’s no question that Steve-O has placed considerable strain on his body, and the number of trips he’s taken to the emergency room over the years is sure to surpass those accrued by the average citizen’s. As a matter of fact, Steve-O kicked off the filming of Jackass 4 by heading to the ER, but even that incident (involving tubas and a treadmill), couldn’t match his most recent trip to seek out some much needed medical attention.

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As Uproxx reports, Steve-O had originally come up with a stunt that utilized a newly purchased t-shirt cannon for a Jackass 4 stunt. The idea had been to fill the t-shirt cannon with dog poop and then have it blasted into his face. Unfortunately, Jackass director and co-creator Jeff Tremaine didn’t think the stunt was clever enough, so it was left out. Never one to be daunted by a challenge, Steve-O decided to use the stunt on the Nelk Boys YouTube channel. But while the stunt was more or less a success, the aftermath caused Steve-O a considerable amount of pain in his ear canal and a trip to the ER that left him thoroughly embarrassed. The entire stinky stunt can now be seen on Steve-O’s YouTube channel.

Given how moronic the stunt actually is, it might seem like a foregone conclusion to realize that without ear protection of some sort (i.e., ear plugs), that the dog poo was going to cram itself deep into his ear canal. For whatever reason, neither Steve-O nor any of the people associated with the stunt considered this in advance. The end result was a pretty funny stunt, the likes of which wasn’t really suited for the Jackass franchise but was entertaining regardless. Thankfully Steve-O didn’t do any permanent damage to his hearing, as that was certainly a risk when dealing with such a tremendous amount of pressure to the ear.

Even without this stunt having been included in Jackass 4, it does go a long way toward getting fans eager for the film’s October 22 release. There’s nothing about watching Steve-O get his face blasted with pressurized dog poo that isn’t funny and if that’s an example of a stunt that’s considered not clever enough for the new film, then fans are in for a definite treat when the fourth and final Jackass film is finally released.

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Source: Uproxx/Steve-O

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