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Kevin Can F**K Himself: The 10 Worst Things Kevin Did To Allison

Kevin Can F**K Himself has garnered interest among fans who are intrigued with its unique twist to the traditional sitcom, juxtaposing bright and cheerful sitcom scenes and predictable laugh tracks with a dark and ominous alternate world that appears every time Allison leaves her home or is left alone.

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While Kevin appears to be a harmless man-child who gets up to ridiculous schemes and focuses mainly on having fun and hanging with his buddies – not an uncommon sitcom trope from eras like the '80s - he has actually done a lot of pretty dark and frustrating things to his wife. Every time he's seen on the show, he's painted in a goofy light. But looking at it from Allison's perspective and hearing about past events, she harbors deep resentment, understandably so, for some of the things he has done.

10 Drained Their Bank Account

The catalyst to Allison's decision to want to kill her husband was when she finally felt as though things were going to go her way and he agreed to look at buying a new home in a new neighborhood. Her dreams were quickly shattered, however, when it was revealed that he had long ago drained their bank account.

Not only did he do this and lie to Allison about it, but he led her on into thinking that getting her dream home and finally moving up in life was actually in the realm of possibility.

9 Didn't Discuss No Longer Moving

Not only did Kevin drain their bank account, but he never confessed this to Allison, and still doesn't know she knows that the money is gone. Instead, he bonded with his boss, got a new position at his work, and used that as the excuse for not wanting to move.

He also did all of this behind Allison's back (while intoxicated) and revealed it to a group at their anniversary party instead of discussing it with her privately.

8 Ignored Her Needs

Overall, Kevin continually ignores Allison's needs, not only when it comes to big things like wanting to save for a new house but even her desire to do things for herself. Instead, he pulls her in every chance he gets, preventing her from pursuing anything that might be her own.

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Instead of spending time with his wife, he has his friends over every night, sits in front of the TV, or goes out to drink and hang out, leaving Allison to cook, clean up, and take on all of the adult responsibilities.

7 Held a Rager Every Year On Their Anniversary

Even though Allison – played by Schitt's Creek's Annie Murphy – was never interested in having a big party for their anniversary every year, this is exactly what Kevin did. He called it the "Anniversa-rager" where he invited people over for copious amounts of alcohol and food that Allison would inevitably be left to cook.

When the boss he didn't like was accidentally invited, he had Allison keep him busy in the living room while he had fun in the backyard. If there's one occasion that should be reserved for husband and wife, it's an anniversary. Yet Kevin made even that into something that was all about him.

6 Called The Cops

The one time Allison did something for herself, going on a trip with Patty (even though it was a lie about a beauty conference), Kevin continuously called her for ridiculous things, such as to find out where the Crisco was or where he left something or other.

After she didn't answer all day, he called the cops and reported his car, which she was driving, stolen. While it showed he did care for her, he also did it for selfish reasons and could have gotten her into a lot of trouble.

5 Isolated Her From Her Friends

While it isn't explicitly noted why Allison no longer kept in touch with many of her friends, it appears that also had something to do with Kevin. He likely made it difficult for her to go out for a girl's night or talk with her pals.

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If not that, he certainly made it impossible since he was not able to cook, clean, and fend for himself without Allison being there. For a couple without children, there should be no reason why Allison couldn't have a social life of her own. Even though he wasn't malicious about it, it's clear Kevin did whatever he could to prevent that.

4 Got Her Fired

Allison revealed to Patty (arguably the best character on Kevin Can F**K Himself) a very troubling truth about Kevin during their road trip: after she had finally gotten a dream job as a paralegal, Kevin's unfounded jealousy led to him putting sugar in her boss' engine and ultimately getting her fired.

Rather than support Allison through her new job and trusting her that she was working late and nothing more was going on, he went out of his way to prevent her from being happy and feeling fulfilled.

3 Spent Money Frivolously

From an expensive jersey to a massive pig to roast in their backyard to win a competition against Neil (which he ended up letting go to waste) to collector cards and other sports memorabilia, Kevin was always very selfish, spending money on items just for him.

Allison became so attached to her Pottery Barn table simply because it seemed it was the only thing she was able to buy that was her own. Meanwhile, Kevin's antics led to it getting broken anyway.

2 Got Upset That She Quit Her Job

Instead of comforting Allison after she quit her job at the liquor store, or, more importantly, even making sure she was okay and finding out why, Kevin had only his selfish needs in mind. He was upset with her that it meant he would no longer get to enjoy her employee discount on alcohol.

He never bothered to ask more about what happened nor anything about the new job she got at the diner, even when she told him she had already secured another gig. While there have been sitcom husbands who have been immature at times, like Modern Family's Phil Dunphy, Kevin took his immaturity and insensitivity to a whole other level.

1 Picked Neil Over His Wife

Allison revealed to Patty that she knew about what Kevin did on his birthday every year. Even though she goes all out for him, buying thoughtful gifts and arranging a dinner out, he always pretends he forgot something in the car and then goes over to Tricky Ricky's Fun House to hang out with his friends next door instead.

He leaves her in the restaurant while he plays games with his friends, completely ignorant of her efforts to plan something nice for him. Instead of telling her the truth, he hurts her in the process, particularly because he doesn't even realize she knows what he does, year after year.

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