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Lanayru Mining Facility Dungeon Map Location in Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

During the course of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD players will come across a wide array of different interesting items and secrets hidden away in parts of the world. Exploring the world properly is integral to seeing all the game has to offer, as much of the items, equipment, and special objects will grant Link new abilities or buffs. Tracking down everything hidden in this world is by no means a simple feat though.

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One way to make exploring the world a little bit easier is by tracking down the different maps that the player will find throughout the world. These maps will show the entire layout of dungeons or areas of the world, which will help the player explore each area more effectively. Without maps, it can be really easy to completely miss entire rooms to explore. This guide shows players how to obtain the map for Lanayru Mining Facility.

In order to track down this map, the player will first need to progress fairly far into the Lanayru Mining Facility. The player isn't able to grab the map at the entrance to this area, but rather after acquiring this location's unique piece of gear, the Gust Bellows. The player will need to make their way through this dungeon until they come across a room containing several Arachna. After dispatching these monsters and solving a simple platforming puzzle, they will be able to climb up a ladder to open a chest containing the Gust Bellows.

With this item in hand, the player can then proceed through this area more effectively by clearing out mounds of sand that have developed. The player will need to use the Gust Bellows and make their way back to the main room of the Mining Facility, and then enter the second room that they visited after arriving. Using the Gust Bellows a small puzzle can be solved on the sand in the center of the room that will open up an entrance to a new area. At the end of this new part of the Mining Facility, the player will face off against a kind of miniboss of the dungeon called the Armos. After defeating it the player will be able to open up a nearby chest and obtain the map.

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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD can be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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