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Legends of the Hidden Temple Reboot Brings Back Original Olmec Voice Actor

The Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot will air on The CW with Dee Bradley Baker returning to voice Olmec. The original series aired on Nickelodeon as one of its many kids-geared game shows. Even though the series only ran for three seasons from 1993 to 1995, it became a hit among kids who yearned to compete on the game show and watched the reruns that followed in bouts of nostalgia.

Legends of the Hidden Temple was an agility-based competition show. There were eight contestants broken up into five teams of two titled Purple Parrots, Blue Barracudas, Orange Iguanas, Red Jaguars, Silver Snakes and Green Monkeys. Competitors fought tooth and nail to get to Olmec's temple, which was the ultimate, final challenge of the game show. The team who made it to the end would enter Olmec's temple and complete its series of obstacle courses to retrieve the lost treasure.

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Deadline confirms that the original Olmec, Baker will return for the Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot. Olmec was the sentient Mayan head sculpture who gave competitors riddles, explained challenges and presented questions when a tiebreaker round was in order. Olmec was not only an important host figure on the show but a vital part of the setting. After all, the hidden temple is in fact called Olmec's temple. According to the reboot's executive producer Scott A. Stone, Baker was ecstatic to return as Olmec.

“When we asked Dee Bradley Baker to return as the one and only Olmec – our giant talking stone head, and he said, ‘Let’s Rock,’ that was all I had to hear…Olmec lives.”

Baker may be returning as Olmec, but several other aspects of the game show are changing. While the original Legends of the Hidden Temple was geared towards kids, the reboot will feature adult competitors -- the generation who devoutly watched the series in the '90s as kids. Additionally, the series' original host Kirk Frogg will not be returning for the reboot. Rather, Cristela Alonzo will host the CW reboot.

While plenty of aspects of Legends of the Hidden Temple are getting updated for the CW reboot, it's nice that Olmec is returning in his original form. Olmec is a huge component of the show and one of his more memorable aspects is his voice. Fans who watched the show in the '90s can still remember the cadence of his voice to this day. With the return of Olmec, it's clear that the same challenges and obstacles that plagued competitors ahead of and inside Olmec's Temple will also be present in the reboot. Surely, it'll excite fans to know that Baker is returning to voice the almighty Olmec.

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Source: Deadline

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