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Loki: The 10 Biggest Surprises In The Series | ScreenRant

                                                Spoiler Warning for Disney+'s Loki

One thing that the Disney+ MCU series have done best is to keep people guessing and impatiently waiting for answers seven days at a time. And part of that anticipation is due to the big reveal at the end of each episode, whether it’s Pietro’s appearance in WandaVision or the introduction of a new Captain America in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

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However, neither of those shows have created so much excitement amongst fans due to their surprises like Loki has. Whether it's the reveal of all the Loki variants or the huge Planet of the Apes-like season cliffhanger, the surprises in Loki have had fans in a frenzy, and they’ve even inspired some hilarious multiverse memes.

10 Loki Is D.B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper is a real person who, in the 1970s, hijacked a flight from Portland to Seattle and parachuted out of the plane with a stolen $200,000. The crime still remains unsolved and Cooper and the money were never seen again.

This true story was perfectly integrated into Loki's first episode, where it’s revealed that D.B. Cooper was actually the God of Mischief all along. And even better, he was forced to do it after he lost a bet with Thor. Though it was a throwaway joke, it worked because the whole scenario is something that Loki would do. And Tom Hiddleston even looks like D.B Cooper.

9 Sif’s Return

She might not have appeared as her real self, as she was just a projected memory that the TVA used to extract information from Loki, but it was still a nice surprise to see Sif one more time.

Because she was busing starring in NBC's Blindspot, Jaime Alexander couldn’t appear as the character in Thor: Ragnarok. But fans finally got to see her again for the first time since Thor 2. And fans will probably get to see her again as she’s the only surviving member of the Warriors Three after they all died in Ragnarok.

8 Getting Stranded On Lamentis-1 In The Middle Of The Apocalypse

Though “Lamentis” is the worst episode of the show according to IMDb, the final scene was as epic as anything else in the series.

As Loki and Sylvie try to board the evacuation spacecraft while meteors are reigning down on the moon, when they reach the craft, it gets hit by a meteor and explodes. Everything worked out well in the following episode, but as Loki and Sylvie looked up at the destroyed spacecraft that seemingly assured their doom, it was one of the most jaw-dropping parts of the show.

7 Mobius Getting Pruned

At the end of “The Nexus Event,” Ramona prunes Mobius after he frees Loki and goes against the TVA. Given that the series was almost turning into Loki and Mobius, as they made a great buddy-cop team together, it was a huge shock when audiences thought he was killed.

As Mobius quickly made a good impression on fans due to his big heart and entertaining exposition, to see him exit so early was distressing. Luckily, in the following episode, fans learned that he was alive and well in the Void, where he eventually helps Sylvie and returns to the TVA to confront Ravonna.

6 Sylvie’s First Appearance

One thing that Marvel Studios has done so well this past year with all of the Disney+ shows is to hide all of their big secrets. And though it was clear before the show started that fans would be seeing variants of Loki, nobody predicted the female variant, Sylvie, would appear in the show.

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When she first revealed herself and pulled down her hood, there was clearly more to Sylvie than simply being a female version of the same character. What was even better was that the character went on to have a major part in the series, and will seemingly go on to have a bigger role in the future of the MCU.

5 All Of The Loki Variants

Fans suspected it was coming, as the casting of celebrated actor Richard E. Grant was confirmed and turned heads all the way back in 2020. But for the many who didn’t keep up to date with all the Disney+ TV series news, the mid-credits scene in “The Nexus Event” revealed a surprise: four variant Lokis, all based on different versions of Loki in the comic books, standing over Hiddleston's God of Mischief.

Classic Loki is the best Loki variant, but seeing a child and an alligator version of the iconic villain was equal parts hilarious and surprising. The variants kept on coming in the following episode, with a brilliant fight sequence between them all, proving once again that Loki is his own biggest enemy.

4 The Reveal Of He Who Remains

Though it was an exciting moment He Who Remains first appears in a green and purple outfit that resembles Kang's comic book costume, it wasn’t too surprising to some. Knowledgeable fans of the comic books and all the speculation that has been circling the internet would have been expecting to see the villain, as there were a lot of clues hinting at He Who Remains.

But to everyone else, many of whom were simply expecting another variant of Loki, the reveal of He Who Remains was a huge surprise. And what was an even bigger surprise was that, by the episode's end, Sylvie seemingly kills the next Big Bad of the MCU by stabbing He Who Remains with her dagger.

3 Loki Getting Feelings For Sylvie

After Iron Man, fans have seen Loki in the MCU more than any other character, as he’s been in every Thor movie, several Avengers movies, and now his own TV show. And in all those appearances, if there’s anything fans have learned, it’s that he’s incapable of love.

But after witnessing the events of his life played back to him in Loki's first episode, it changes his whole perspective on life and love. And watching his relationship with Sylvie unfold throughout the series is continuously surprising, from their soul-baring conversations on Lamentis-1 to their kiss right before she kills He Who Remains.

2 Setting Up The MCU's Next Big Bad

Sylvie murders He Who Remains knowing that it could possibly open the floodgates to a seemingly infinite amount of the time master's variants. There was a possibility that he was lying, but when Loki returns to the TVA, it’s quite clear that every word He Who Remains said was the truth.

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When Loki returns back to the TVA from the Void, he turns around and sees a giant monument to He Who Remains. It's a shocking final image that is comparable to the last scene in Planet of the Apes when Charlton Heston discovers the alien planet he thought he was on was actually Earth. The statue strongly suggests that, just like there are so many powerful variants of He Who Remains in the comic books, there will be more in the MCU, which fans will soon see in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

1 The Time Keepers Are Androids

From the first episode, it was quite clear that the Time Keepers were pulling the strings behind the TVA, from their imposing statues to Ravonna's constant insistence that they are the TVA's puppet masters. But at the end of “The Nexus Event,” the best episode of Loki, it’s revealed that the Time Keepers are just a smokescreen for the real antagonist.

Not just that, but that the three bizarre-looking Time Keepers were in fact androids. It wasn’t loved by everyone, as it was reminiscent of the Mandarin bait and switch in Iron Man 3. But when Sylvie beheaded one of them, it was the most shocking moment in the series.

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