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Loki: 10 Questions Fans Have After Watching The Finale

The season finale has aired for Disney+'s Loki, and the stakes were high. Loki has become the hero of his show as he embarks on time-traveling and encounters the TVA. As Loki and Sylvie attempted to find the real-time-keeper, the multiverse has unleashed, and soon chaos will ensue in Phase Four.

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Although Loki has ended, for now, it has been confirmed that the series will return for a season 2, so the time-traveling adventures have only begun. However, the concept of time is complex, which means that things will not be simple as MCU moves forward in Phase Four. As viewers wait for season 2, they will also grapple with a few mind-boggling questions.

10 What Happened To The Other Loki Variants?

While the series primarily focused on Sylvie and post-Endgame Loki, the last few episodes introduced more great versions of Loki, like Alligator Loki, Classic Loki, and Kid Loki. In the penultimate episode, Classic Loki helped Loki and Sylvie buy more time to bypass Alioth. While they succeeded, Classic Loki sacrificed himself.

As for the remaining Loki variants, Kid Loki and Alligator Loki sought shelter, while it is unclear what happened to Election Loki and Boastful Loki. However, with the Nexus now above the threshold, viewers are also not absolute about what happened to the other likable Loki variants and if they will return for season 2.

9 Where Is Ravonna Renslayer?

It appears that TVA's important Judge Ravonna Renslayer has her plans, but one that is different from everyone else. While people like Mobius prefer that variants have free will, Ravonna is more conservative and believes that the time-keeper created the TVA and sacred timeline for order.

While she claims allegiance to the time-keeper, she is also curious about the TVA's origins and tried to look through files for answers. The last moments show that Ravonna entered a portal, but it is unclear where she went and what information she uncovers.

8 Where Was Mobius On The Sacred Timeline?

One of the biggest revelations was that all the individuals working at the TVA are also variants. These people include Ravonna Renslayer and Mobius M. Mobius. Several episodes had showcased the timelines of many variants like Hunter C-20 at a bar and Ravonna as a school staff member.

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Of course, one of the most likable characters is Mobius, but his place on the sacred timeline was not disclosed. It is even likely that Mobius M. Mobius is not his real name. While fans are curious about his timeline, the only hint is that it may have something to do with jet skis, and he deserves to hop on one.

7 How Will The Original TVA Universe Try To Overcome The Multiverse Changes?

Everyone is now in a pickle, including the folks in the original TVA universe. Since the Nexus has reached the threshold, the multiverse is inevitable, and the worst has yet to come.

It seems that Mobius and Hunter B-15 are on their own in the meantime since the final moments showed Loki in a different TVA universe. Of course, with a second season already confirmed, something is bound to happen at TVA as they attempt to oversee the multiverse and try to prevent catastrophe from ensuing.

6 In Which Universe Is Loki Located?

Speaking of the TVA universe, Loki arrived back at the TVA headquarters, only to find a different variant of Mobius and Hunter B-15. These variants have no idea that the multiverse had broken, and Loki sees a statue of He Who Remains that he just met.

Of course, the main question is in which universe is Loki located and how he will return to the correct TVA universe. Furthermore, considering that He Who Remains is now dead, he needs to fix the timeline and prevent terrible things like a formidable and dangerous being.

5 How Will The Multiverse Unleash In The Rest Of The MCU?

The multiverse is slowly taking center stage in the MCU, and with Loki finally unleashing the multiverse, future projects will endure the impacts. While upcoming projects will focus on standalone stories like Shang-Chi and EternalsSpider-Man: No Way Home is the next project that will likely feel the brunt of the multiverse atrocities.

Curiosity will circulate how Loki is setting things up in the MCU, including No Way Home. Doctor Strange will appear in the movie as he is central to the makings of the multiverse, leading up to his sequel film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It is now the matter of how the execution of the multiverse will impact the MCU.

4 Will We See Alioth Again?

Alioth was introduced as a cloud-like being that makes sure nothing ever returns. However, He Who Remains disclosed that he controlled Alioth to hide and protect himself from people trying to look for him.

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Sylvie and Loki were able to charm Alioth to allow themselves entry to meet He Who Remains. Of course, likely, Alioth is still alive, but it remains questionable if it will serve a purpose in the future or its action has done its due course.

3 How Will The Most Evil He Who Remains Try To Conquer Other Universes?

Before anyone starts screaming Kang the Conqueror, He Who Remains never formally referred to himself as Kang. However, most fans know that Jonathan Majors, who appeared as He Who Remains, will eventually portray Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

He Who Remains revealed he was one of the good ones. However, his other variants have tried to wage war against others. Therefore, he created the sacred timeline to prevent this from escalating. Now that he is dead, it leaves some concerns of the worst He Who Remains coming to fruition, likely in the form of the time traveling Kang the Conqueror. Furthermore, how he moves forward with his plans and what he hopes to accomplish as the rising new big bad are important for setting up Phase Four.

2 Will Mobius & Loki Reunite?

Mobius and Loki became an unexpected dynamic duo that fans instantly loved. Despite some distrust early on, they eventually made peace and worked together to stop the time-keeper.

Their last meeting was in the Void before going their separate paths, with Loki joining Sylvie and Mobius returning to TVA. While Loki encounters Mobius, it is a variant that has no clue what Loki is saying and does not even recognize him. This shocking moment leaves many wondering if Mobius and Loki will eventually reunite, hopefully in season 2.

1 What Will Sylvie Do Now?

As a Loki variant, Sylvie became one of the most likable characters in the series. However, Sylvie has caused a chain of events to occur since she killed He Who Remains. She accomplished her life-long mission but not without the consequences of unleashing the multiverse.

She was in He Who Remains' chamber, but she will likely go on the run or return to a different timeline. However, many viewers are curious about what Sylvie will do now since she purposely sent Loki back to the TVA and did not consider the repercussion of her revenge quest. Will she eventually own up to her mistake and try to fix it? Fans will have to wait until season 2.

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