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Loki Almost Gave The God Of Mischief All Infinity Stones & Alien Lovers

The God of Mischief created a lot of mayhem at the TVA early in Loki, but initial story ideas would've seen him collect all six Infinity Stones, get the Infinity Gauntlet, have sex with aliens, and much more. In Loki episode 1, the tricker is arrested by the TVA, where he's shown a highlight reel of his MCU journey and where his future lies. Loki initially mounts an escape, but the realization that it's impossible, and that the TVA's power is too great - including discovering the Infinity Stones don't matter there - lead him to stop resisting.

The journey Loki goes on throughout the show spans well beyond that and takes the character in some different directions, but it's very much rooted in those early interactions. They are key to Loki understanding who he truly is - his nature, his desires - and thus form the basis for how he's able to grow across the show's six episodes. It was already clear that things had been altered or cut in Loki in some way, as the trailers featured a scene of King Loki on Asgard's throne that was never featured, and now it's apparent just how different it could've been.

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Disney+'s Assembled: The Making of Loki takes a look behind the scenes at the show, covering everything from its initial inception to the design of the TVA, the production of the Lamentis-1 city scene, all the way to Jonathan Majors' introduction as He Who Remains. Among the reveals is a whiteboard full of potential ideas, which map out just where Loki could go while in the TVA. It would have him escaping through different time periods, having sex with different aliens (with confirmation that he's bisexual), collecting the Infinity Stones and getting the Gauntlet, and ruling Asgard. However, Loki would then return to the TVA, realizing that what he was experiencing wasn't real as the organization controls free will. He'd power down the Gauntlet, go back to Mobius, and give honest answers to his questions while learning of the TVA's incredible power.

While there are no details on exactly how the montage would've played out, it presumably would've been part of an escape attempt, rather than something Loki's shown by Mobius. This would make the ideas around free will more pertinent, because it would put the onus on Loki's discovery rather than him being told something. This is pretty much the same effect as what happens in the show when he discovers the Infinity Stones, but on a much grander scale. It would've been fascinating to see Loki granted this level of wish-fulfilment, only to have it brought crashing down, but his arc does work just the same without it, and so for purposes of time it's understandable why the show went in another direction.

While the scenes described didn't make it into Loki, they did clearly inform his arc and were featured in other ways. Later in the season it was confirmed in a conversation with Sylvie that Loki is bisexual in the MCU, which is something the show clearly wanted to address. In the Loki finale, while at the Citadel at the End of Time, Miss Minutes offers Loki the chance to have everything he's wanted, and includes the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet and being the King of Asgard within that. By using those elements at the end, then it makes it even more powerful: it isn't simply wish-fulfilment, but Loki having the chance at those old dreams of his coming true, and choosing to be something better.

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Loki will return for season 2.

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