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Loki Finally Learned From Stealing Odin's Throne In Thor 2

Loki reunited fans with a past version of the God of Mischief who hadn’t gone through any of the tough and heartbreaking moments his original version did, but he definitely learned his lesson from stealing Odin’s throne in Thor: The Dark World, even if he didn’t go through that. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone through a couple of changes since the Infinity Saga ended, and it has been introducing different characters and concepts that will shape Phase 4, most notably the multiverse, and Loki was key in understanding it and the madness that can be caused by it.

Although Loki was killed in the first act of Avengers: Infinity War, the time heist in Avengers: Endgame made it possible for his 2012 version to escape, allowing him to return with his own TV show. Simply titled Loki, it sees the God of Mischief being brought to the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organization that oversees the timeline and makes sure everything happens as planned, and his escape wasn’t among those plans. The TVA decided to seize Loki’s talents to catch another Loki variant – Sylvie, played by Sophia Di Martino – but both Lokis ended up joining forces to uncover the truth about the TVA, and while they did get to the person behind it all, they also made a huge mistake, through which Loki learned his lesson from stealing his father’s throne in Thor: The Dark World.

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Loki was one of the main antagonists of the MCU’s Phase 1, serving as the threat to defeat in The Avengers when he brought the Chitauri army to Earth, but with time and after going through different experiences, Loki reached a point of redemption in Avengers: Infinity War – but before he got there, he created more trouble, especially for his brother, Thor. In their third adventure together, Thor: The Dark World, Loki finally took the throne of Asgard as he had intended since the first Thor movie but through some drastic methods, as he tricked Odin by faking his death and taking the appearance of a guard to announce his death, cast a spell on his father, and banished him to Earth, leaving him in a retirement home.

Taking the throne and getting rid of Odin unleashed a series of events that led to the destruction of Asgard. It took Odin a while to break from Loki’s spell, and when he and Thor found him, he was in Norway, waiting for his time to come. Odin passed away with his sons by his side, but little did Loki and Thor know, their father’s death broke their sister, Hela, free, leading to Ragnarok and the destruction of Asgard. This also led to Thanos intercepting the ship that carried the Asgardians and to more casualties, including that of Loki himself. Back to Loki, the God of Mischief knew that taking someone as big as He Who Remains out of a position of power could bring terrible consequences, as even though he didn’t go through the events of Thor: The Dark World, he did get a glimpse at them when he arrived at the TVA. When the time came to kill He Who Remains or let him live and take control of the TVA as he promised them, Loki knew well that removing him would bring something bigger and worse, but Sylvie was driven by anger and revenge and repeated his mistake, though her actions had much more dangerous consequences than taking the throne of Asgard had.

Loki taking Odin’s place brought Hela into the mix, triggered Ragnarok, destroyed Asgard, and made way to New Asgard (and also led to his own death), but Sylvie killing He Who Remains unleashed the multiverse of madness and gave Kang the Conqueror a very dangerous position of power over the Sacred Timeline and more, and fixing this will be a lot more complicated than dealing with Hela and everything she triggered.

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