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Loki: The Main Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

The God Of Mischief is back, and his new series from Marvel and Disney+ is pleasing fans everywhere. Loki steps into the strange world of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) after the events of Avengers: Endgame, where a Loki from the past escapes custody with The Tesseract in hand after his attack on New York.

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This move creates an alternate timeline branch and Loki is arrested by the TVA as a variant, set to be tried and "pruned" to correct the timeline. Meanwhile, another Loki variant is on the loose, luring TVA agents to different points on the "Sacred Timeline" to attack them and take their equipment to enact their master plan to destroy the TVA. Loki is full of a plethora of colorful, interesting characters. But what if they were all dropped into an alternate timeline that contained the wizarding world of Harry Potter? How would they all fit in at Hogwarts?

10 Casey: Gryffindor

Spending his entire life behind a desk, Casey is responsible for filing reports and handling evidence for the TVA. He's unaware of the existence of everyday objects like fish, and seems to be unaware of the awesome power the infinity stones possess outside of the TVA.

What Casey lacks in knowledge of the real world he more than makes up for in courage, as Loki's threats have no effect on him. He's outgoing and friendly, making him a nice fit for Gryffindor's house.

9 Boastful Loki: Slytherin

According to Boastful Loki, in his timeline, he was able to defeat Captain America and Iron Man, then he went on to gather all six infinity stones before being arrested by the TVA and pruned to The Void.

Boastful Loki seemed loyal to Kid Loki, recognizing the latter as king of The Void, but he double-crossed the group to President Loki, who was then doublecrossed by his own team of Loki variant followers. In the end, Boastful Loki proved himself ambitious and devious. These traits are common among Slytherin, particularly those who went bad.

8 Kid Loki: Hufflepuff

A Loki variant who was pruned by the TVA after he killed his brother Thor, Kid Loki befriended other Loki variants and became the self-proclaimed ruler of The Void. Among Kid Loki's abilities are immunity to cold and the ability to conjure objects from pure thought.

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He also values loyalty, especially in those he looks upon as his subjects. With this in mind, the sorting hat would surely assign the child king to Hufflepuff.

7 Classic Loki: Ravenclaw

Found in The Void at the end of time, this is an older version of Loki who survived the fight with Thanos by hiding and creating a duplicate of himself to face the mad titan. The abilities Classic Loki displays in his limited screen time gave fans a glimpse of what Loki is truly capable of.

Classic Loki's wit and creativity in facing Thanos and distracting Alioth, the cloud-like creature that consumes all variants who end up in The Void, would surely lead to the Sorting Hat placing him in Ravenclaw.

6 Kang: Ravenclaw

Intelligent and witty, Kang the Conqueror (also known as "He who remains") is the architect of the Time Variance Authority. Kang discovered the multiverse and created the TVA to contain the timeline to one, "sacred"  branch after battling his own variants and creating chaos along the branches of the multiverse.

With vast knowledge, and the creativity to concoct such an intricate and massive manipulation as the TVA, Kang's intentions were for the greater good. Curiosity and knowledge would place him in Ravenclaw, though his evil variants could fit better elsewhere.

5 Hunter B-15: Gryffindor

Simply known as B-15, a hunter for the TVA, she is the agent responsible for apprehending the Loki variant who appeared after he snatched the Tesseract in 2012, shortly after his attack on New York and defeat at the hands of The Avengers.

B-15 was reluctant to trust Loki as he was brought in to help them hunt the variant who had been killing TVA agents and stealing their equipment. Though, after Sylvie takes control of her mind, B-15 realizes the deception of the TVA and seeks her out to show her the truth of her former life while the Loki variant is in custody. Courageous, honest, and determined, B-15 would have likely been sorted to house Gryffindor.

4 Mobius: Hufflepuff

A TVA agent on the case of the rogue Loki variant who's killing other TVA agents, Mobius M. Mobius recruits Loki in the hopes he can get inside the thought process of the variant he's hunting.

After forming a reluctant bond with Loki, he isn't surprised when the God of Mischief runs off with Sylvie, the female Loki variant who is wreaking havoc all across the Sacred Timeline, creating branches of time with the ultimate goal of taking down the TVA. Mobius is hardworking, dedicated, and shows infinite patience while dealing with Loki. These qualities could very well see him sorted to Hufflepuff.

3 Ravonna Renslayer: Slytherin

A judge for the TVA and fiercely loyal to the Time-Keepers, Ravonna Renslayer seems to be the keeper of many secrets, while at the same time unaware of what is really going on. Though she's skeptical when it comes to using Loki to catch the rogue Loki variant, Mobius conveniences her to go along.

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As the series goes on, it becomes clear she was responsible for losing the Loki variant who's on the loose, and she has a personal stake in ending the threat to the TVA. Secretive, cunning, and quick to betray, the villainous Ravonna Renslayer's dark motives make her a perfect fit for Slytherin House.

2 Sylvie: Ravenclaw

Taken from her timeline at a young age, one of the many powerful Loki variants who calls herself Sylvie managed to escape and hide in periods throughout history where apocalyptic events were inevitable. All the while, she plotted her revenge on the Time Variance Authority.

When Loki interrupts her plans, the two reluctantly team up to bring down the TVA and find who's behind the agency at the end of time. Through it all, the pair begin to develop feelings for each other, proving Loki could only ever truly love himself. Intelligent, creative, and witty, Sylvie would no doubt be sorted to Ravenclaw as a student of Hogwarts.

1 Loki: Slytherin

Son of Odin, brother of Thor, Loki has escaped death several times throughout the MCU movie history. This time, however, he's been labeled a variant by the TVA, as he jumped off his timeline and created a new one by not meeting his eventual fate at the hands of Thanos.

Saved from pruning by Mobius, Loki is brought on to the TVA team to help track down and stop a rogue Loki variant, a mission that unravels in true Loki fashion as the story unfolds. With a title like God of Mischief, it's not hard to imagine where the sorting hat would place Loki. Add to this his history of both villainy and reluctant heroism, a thirst for power, self-preservation, and unparalleled cunning, it's obvious that this Loki is pure Slytherin.

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