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Love After Lockup: Rachel Explains Looking Like A ‘Pushover’ With Doug

Rachel has heard viewers' criticisms of her marriage with Doug, and explained why she ended up looking like a "pushover" on Love After Lockup. While speaking exclusively with Screen Rant, Rachel got candid about her portrayal on the show and why Doug looked like the dominating figure during moments on the show. According to the newbie, the cameras didn't get the full dynamic of her relationship, and Doug made sure to play it up whenever the cameras were rolling. Her comments come after she revealed how "adamant" Doug was about getting cast on the show.

Rachel and Doug have been a standout couple in season 4 of Love After Lockup due to the naughty scenes they shared immediately after Doug's prison release and their interesting at-home life with Doug's son, Dougie. With Love After Lockup star Doug only spending 40 days outside of jail as a free man before getting sent back to prison, this is the first time the convicted felon is living life as a married man with his 12-year-old son. Dougie isn't making things easy for his dad after years of being separated due to Doug's incarceration. But Rachel is helping Doug get back on his feet and even took Dougie into her care prior to Doug's prison release. She is proving to be the support Doug needs to live a happy and rehabilitated life.

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But that hasn't stopped Doug from showing off during certain moments on the show. Viewers criticized Rachel for appearing so submissive to Doug, while he came off as controlling and demeaning towards her. However, during an exclusive chat with Screen Rant, Love After Lockup star Rachel explained why she looked like a "pushover" with Doug. "I can completely see where it looks like I’m a big pushover, but he was just loving himself some camera time, not going to lie," Rachel admitted. According to the We TV star, Doug just wanted to make things more entertaining for the viewers.

But, ultimately, Rachel says Doug was very kind towards her behind the scenes and only had small rules for how she was caring for his son. "He's just showing his--pardon my language--showing his a** out there, just like, no, this way, that way," Rachel explained. "But really rules for him [were] making sure that Doug has had a shower, did his chores before playing video games, you know, did his homework. It was things like that." The Love After Lockup star credits the show editing for making her relationship dynamic appear worse than what it really was. "You know, TV is going to show you what it–if it didn't look a certain way, then why bother watching? It would be boring," Rachel quipped.

There was one moment that showed a different side of Doug when it came to his treatment of Rachel. While driving to the hotel after Doug's release, Rachel was the one barking orders while Doug just referred to her as "the boss" of his new life. Rachel says that's the Doug she fell in love with. "He never talked like that to me," Rachel said. "Like in real life, it's always like, 'Baby, what do you need? What do you need? I’m sorry.'...I knew after this filming, it's like, 'You know, I was just doing that.' Okay," she added. It looks like Doug had a lot of apologizing to do once the cameras stopped rolling. It also looks like Rachel was the least of his worries considering the talkback fans saw him getting from his son, Dougie, on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup airs Fridays at 9pm on We TV.

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