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Love After Lockup: Rachel Reveals Doug Was ‘Adamant’ About Show Casting

Rachel and Doug are among the new couples on Love After Lockup season 4. Viewers have watched the interesting dynamic between the pair as they finally live together as a married couple for the first time. In just a few short episodes, fans have already gotten an eyeful of Rachel and Doug's extreme PDA and eagerness for intimacy. While speaking exclusively with ScreenRant, Rachel explained why she and Doug were comfortable with putting their love on display for the world to see.

Like most Love After Lockup couples, Rachel and Doug met and fell in love while Doug was serving out time in prison. It was already Doug's second time serving out a lengthy sentence, following his 2015 arrest that came just 40 days after his first prison release. Considering all the time Love After Lockup's Doug has spent in jail, he has pretty much grown up behind bars, with little time as a free adult man. But his edgy style and controlling behavior checked off all of Rachel's boxes as she fell head over heels for Doug. The two ended up tying the knot, despite Doug's incarceration, and Rachel has even been taking care of Doug's son ahead of his prison release.

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During a recent exclusive chat with both Rachel and Britney, the two Love After Lockup stars explained what prompted them to sign up for the show. While Britney admits she saw a TV commercial that motivated her, Rachel revealed how "adamant" Doug was about getting on the show. "It was just one night we were watching an episode. We saw the end of it, 'If you're dating an inmate…' I was like, oh, I am. So my friend was like, 'Let's write it. Let's write them. Let's see,'" Love After Lockup's Britney explained, talking about how she and Ray ended up on the show.  "And they actually responded back. I really didn't think I’d get a response back," she added. The most recent episode followed Britney as she met Ray's family for the first time, and they all traveled together to welcome Ray back to the free world.

While Britney took the initiative on her own to join the show, Rachel and Doug had an entirely different reason for joining. It turns out that Doug was actually the one who prompted his wife to sign them up for the hit reality series. "Well, Doug was pretty adamant that he wanted to do the show," Love After Lockup's Rachel revealed. She explained that she warned him how harsh fans can be when reacting to their portrayal on the show. "I was asking him, 'You understand that this is just going to make us look like trash bags, whatever?'" Rachel recalled.

She went on to explain that after a producer reached out to Doug on JPay, Doug felt like it was a sign and told his wife, “We’ve got to do this.” For anyone who has seen the show, it's no secret how in love Rachel is with Doug. So how could she tell her husband no? "I said, 'You know what? Whatever. I’ll go through the process and see what happens,'" Rachel added. Fans have been very vocal about all the intimate moments Rachel and Doug have shared on the show so far. But considering how badly Doug wanted to get cast, it looks like he came on Love After Lockup with the intention of putting on a show.

Love After Lockup airs Fridays at 8pm on We TV.

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