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Luther Movie Updates: Cast, Story & Release Date | Screen Rant

Here's every detail currently available about Idris Elba's forthcoming Luther movie on Netflix. Created by Neil Cross, DCI John Luther skulked onto the small screen in 2010, giving Idris Elba one of his first starring roles. A maverick detective with more skeletons in his closet than suits, Luther has five seasons under its belt (totaling only 20 episodes), and broadly increased in popularity with each successive run. Blending compelling criminal cases and a complex core cast, demand for Luther is higher than ever.

Talk of a Luther movie began around the release of season 2 in 2011, with both Cross and Elba expressing interest in taking the rogue detective into theaters. At this point, Luther season 3 was intended as the show's last, and the movie mooted as a continuation of the story. Then Luther season 4 came and went in 2015, followed by season 5 four years later, and still not a film in sight. All the while, Elba and Cross maintained that a Luther movie was the ultimate goal, but updates remained few and far between across the decade. In mid-2020, Elba updated fans, confirming the project was "close" and then in May 2021, the actor announced filming would begin this coming September.

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After ten years in the pipeline, the Luther movie is happening, but why the hold up? After all, there's a large fanbase eagerly waiting and overt interest from all key players - Idris Elba chief among them. While the exact reason behind the delay hasn't been explained, it's possible Elba and Cross have been waiting for the green light from the powers that be. Luther is produced and distributed by the UK's state-funded BBC, and Neil Cross has previously described the show's budget as "comically small" (via RadioTimes), so getting the necessary funds to take Jolly John to the movies isn't necessarily a straightforward process. If this is the reason, Netflix's involvement might've been the long-awaited game-changer. The Luther movie likely hasn't been aided by the rising star of Idris Elba, who has become a busy man in Hollywood with ThorThe Suicide SquadStar Trek: Beyond, and much more.

Rest assured, Idris Elba will be reprising his role as DCI John Luther. Original show creator Neil Cross will be writing, and Jamie Payne will direct. Payne was behind the camera for Luther season 5, and has also worked on episodes of Doctor Who, as well as 2018's The Alienist starring Daniel Brühl. While supporting cast members are still to be announced, likely candidates include Dermot Crowley as Martin Schenk, Paul McGann as Mark North and Patrick Malahide as local London gangster George Cornelius. Though her character appeared to die at the end of Luther season 5, one would imagine the movie will find a way to include Ruth Wilson's Alice Morgan, either by allowing her to cheat death (again), or through flashbacks and dream sequences.

When Luther season 5 concluded, the titular detective might've finally gone too far. With Alice dead, as well as fellow officers Benny and DS Halliday, DSU Schenk finally seemed to lose patience with his top cop, taking Luther in after slapping on the handcuffs. This final scene paves the way for a feature-length redemption story. Luther will surely either be in jail or fired from his post when the film begins, only to reenter the fray when a killer so reprehensible and cunning appears, no one else can possibly save the day. Idris Elba's character must atone for his sins, win back the trust of his colleagues (the ones left standing, at least), and bring London's latest menace to justice - and all without the official backing of the Metropolitan police, one would assume.

Given how long the Luther movie has taken to reach get the go-ahead, one can only make a tentative guess as to when it might see the light of day. Assuming the September filming date holds firm, fans might expect the return of Luther in late 2022. That's based on general set-to-screen production times for Netflix originals, and assuming no major hold-ups occur. After waiting this long, however, what's one more year?

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