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Manifest Season 4's Setup Teased A Terrible Jared Story

A tease in the Manifest season 3 finale indicates that the show was about to revisit the love triangle between Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), Jared (J.R. Ramirez), and Zeke (Matt Long). Manifest season 1 began with Michaela in love with Jared, who was her boyfriend when the plane disappeared. When she returned, she discovered that Jared was married to her best friend.

Michaela was devastated, but she didn’t completely get over Jared right away. Their lingering feelings for each other served as a major subplot through season 1, but this took a turn when Manifest gave her a new love interest in Matt Long’s Zeke. While helping him navigate through the Callings, Michaela grew closer to Zeke, much to the chagrin of Jared, who quickly became jealous of their relationship. By taking steps to prove that Zeke was bad for Michaela, Jared went too far and only succeeded in alienating her. Jared’s actions against Zeke and refusal to let go quickly made it clear that he wasn’t going to be the one Michaela chose. Ultimately, she and Zeke got married and were living together happily in season 3.

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Though Zeke has been totally supportive of Michaela throughout season 3, there were signs that the series was setting up the return of the Michaela-Jared-Zeke love triangle. In a previous episode, Zeke’s empathic powers gave him the impression that Michaela still had feelings for Jared, which was a revelation that came out of nowhere. In the season 3 finale, Zeke appeared to get the same notion when he saw the two talking. Despite being furious over Michaela’s lies about Saanvi’s role in the Major’s death, Jared confessed that he still wasn’t over her yet. Zeke’s comment that they “need to talk” hints that their marriage may be coming to an end on account of Jared. These scenes clearly set up the love triangle being a part of Manifest season 4, even though it feels wholly unnecessary for all three characters.

Jared’s relationship with her best friend, desperate measures to get Michaela back, and jealousy-motivated vendetta against Zeke made it feel like Manifest was making the right call in having Michaela move on from Jared and find someone else. After all, the forbidden romance element of their story felt tiresome in season 1. Plus, Jared cheating on his wife with Michaela made it difficult for viewers to sympathize with either character. Adding Zeke to the mix moved Michaela in a new, positive direction.

As for Jared, it took some time for him to get on with his life, but after a while, it looked like Manifest was finally ready to do something different with the character. His investigation into the Major’s death gave him a story that didn’t focus on his feelings for Michaela – and that’s exactly what his character really needed to move forward. Manifest season 3 went a long way toward fixing Jared, so it would have a been a disappointment if season 4 went backwards with not only Michaela’s character growth, but also his own.

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