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Marvel's Alien Reveals Even More Future Xenomorphs | Screen Rant

Warning: contains major spoilers for Alien #5! 

Marvel's Alien comic series has been providing fans with a new Xenomorph-filled story. Alien #5 continues Gabe Cruz's fight against the Alpha Xenomorph - the newest variation of the species. However, this issue also reveals that more variants could still be coming.

There have been a few different variations on Xenomorphs over the years. Some are more popular than others - like the ones featured in films, such as the Newborn from Alien Resurrection and the Neomorph in Alien Covenant. However, there have also been alternate Xenomorphs in various comic series from Dark Horse Comics. These have included a species seen in Aliens: Earth War, a similar one in Aliens: Genocide War, and a completely different variant within Aliens: Colonial Marines. These variations are not simply different leveled Xenomorphs within the hierarchical system (ex: Queens, Drones, Warriors, Praetorians, etc.). Yet there are still more that fans could see in the future.

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Created by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Salvador Larroca, Guru Efx, and Vc Clayton Cowles, Alien #5  reveals a potential future for the Alien franchise. The series has largely been focusing on the Alpha Xenomorph, a new experimentally created alien. However, Gabe reveals that when he was infected by a facehugger, he saw visions of Xenomorphs, and had a connection to the aliens as a whole. He saw not only the usual species that fans have come to love, but variations that don't even exist.

The Xenomorphs above reveal a peek at what future aliens could look like. It's well-known that a Xenomorph's host impacts its appearance, abilities and behavior. These future Xenomorphs are similar to the Alpha, but with noticeable differences. While they're all horned, the Alpha's horns stick straight out, while the body's similar to a typical Xenomorph. The horns and bodies of these new Xenomorphs look like rams. The forefront Xenomorph has curved horns and legs that appear similar to those of ungulates - like deer. 

Even with the similarity of the three above, there are differences on each skull. The Xenomorph on the right has a pair of curved horns. The one behind it has dual pairs of horns - one curved and one straight. The Xenomorph in the foreground has curved horns, additional curved growths along its skull, spikes between them, diagonally pointed horns on either side, and additional protrusions down its back. This is a very different Xenomorph than fans are used to seeing, but based on glimpses at the experiments Weyland-Yutani engaged in from earlier in this series, it makes sense. Previously, a strange embryo was found after the container holding it had been smashed open on the ground. This arouses suspicions that Weyland-Yutani was working on additional hybrids.

This wouldn't be the first time the Alien universe uses hybrids or shows alternate Xenomorphs created by turning a non-human species into a host. The Predalien seen in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is the result of a facehugger infecting a Predator. Similarly, creating hybrid Xenomorphs with animals resulted in "Ani-Men" Xenomorphs within the comic Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens. Now, Marvel could be taking a similar route. Other variations have included those featured in the Aliens: Space Marines comics that accompanied Alien action figures from the now defunct company, Kenner Products. These featured a snake hybrid, a bull hybrid, a rhinoceros hybrid, praying mantis and even a giant praying mantis hybrid. Based on Gabe's vision, Marvel's Alien will create even more Xenomorphs - likely caused by the further spread of Xenomorphs to new parts of the universe or by hybrid experiments done by Weyland-Yutani - or even rival companies that share their methods. 

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