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Marvel's Batman Just Found A New Partner: Nick Fury | Screen Rant

Spoilers for Black Cat Annual 1 ahead!

Marvel’s Batman, Nighthawk, has found an unlikely ally in Nick Fury. In the backup story in Black Cat Annual 1, part three of the “Infinite Fury” storyline, Fury, on the trail of the Infinity Stones, crosses paths with Nighthawk—who proposes an alliance.

Nighthawk is a dark riff on Batman, and a member of the Squadron Supreme, a team of Justice League pastiches. By day, Nighthawk is Congressman Kyle Richmond, but by night he fights crime—much like Batman. Nighthawk was last seen at the end of the recently concluded Heroes Reborn, an event that saw him elevated to one of Earth’s greatest heroes. That was ripped from him, and in the last issue of that event, he swore he would make the world right again. Meanwhile, Adam Warlock bonded the Infinity Stones to individuals, hoping it would help curb any trouble the Stones may cause. Instead, it created more problems. Nick Fury has been on the trail of these Stone-Bearers, as they are called, and it looks as if Nighthawk wants to help, but why has he taken an interest in Fury and the Stones?

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As the story from Jed MacKay and Juan Ferreyra opens, Nick Fury is growing increasingly nervous about the Stone-Bearers, feeling Warlock’s actions have only made things worse. Fury believes that Warlock introduced an element of unpredictability to the Stones—something that is also frustrating Fury. Fury is tracking a mystery person, a search that brings him to an abandoned warehouse. As soon as he walks in, a bomb is triggered, causing an explosion. Nick Fury survives, and a shadowy figure approaches him. Fury reaches for his gun, but the stranger kicks it away, telling him “no guns.” Readers then see the stranger is Nighthawk, standing over Fury. Nighthawk tells Fury he is “just the kind of man [Nighthawk] needs.”

The story ends there, and readers must wait until the next installment to see what Nighthawk wants with Fury, but it is clear it involves the Infinity Stones. Nighthawk recently had his ideal world, one created by the demon Mephisto, taken away from him. Could it be possible that Nighthawk wants the Stones for their ability to alter reality, restoring the world of Heroes Reborn? Nighthawk has vowed to bring that world back, and the Infinity Stones would be the perfect way to do so; seeing as the world of Heroes Reborn was a dark and grim one, Nick Fury would be wise to walk away from this deal.

Nighthawk, Marvel’s Batman, has found a hew partner in Nick Fury, but the alliance may not be for the best.

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