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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Egg Color Guide (& Differences)

A large portion of gameplay in Monster Hunter Stories 2, is finding wild monster eggs to hatch. Since wild eggs aren't always found near their parents, players will need the ability to identify the eggs. Luckily, they can be identified by their colors and patterns.

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When packing wild monster eggs into the player's egg carton, there are three extra identifiers for each of the eggs. This includes the weight, location, and smell. So adding all of these identifiers with the color/pattern will help players know exactly what kind of egg they have collected.

Navirou will tell the players some of the identifiers when the player first collects the egg. Talking about the weight and the smell. Generally speaking, no matter the color, pattern, smell, or weight, if the egg sparkles when picked up, it's a keeper. However, based on color and pattern, these are the identifiable egg types.

  • Aptonoth Eggs: Aptonoth hatch from the green herbivore eggs with gray stripes across them. They are great healers to keep in the player's party and will help them find more plants along their journeys together.
  • Arzuros Eggs: Arzuros, the large swampy bear-like monsters are born from the green and purple fanged eggs. They have the ability to search for honey on any map and break rocks.
  • Bullfango Eggs: Bullfango hatch from brown and white fanged eggs. These boar-like beasts are one of the faster mounts that players can tame.
  • Kulu Ya Ku Eggs: Kulu Ya Ku will hatch from sienna and off-white spotted wyvern eggs. For those who aren't sure what monster this is, they are the dinosaur ones that use rocks as shields. Another, extra special aspect about the Kulu Ya Ku, is that they improve the player's ability to search nests for more eggs.
  • Paolumu Eggs: Paolumu hatch from the pink and white striped flying wyvern eggs. This bat-like wyvern is based around the Honduran white bat and has a floating ability to help it attack foes from above.
  • Royal Ludroth Eggs: Royal Ludroth will hatch from green and yellow swirled leviathan eggs. Having a Ludroth in the party will allow the player to swim across large bodies of water and into new areas.
  • Velocidrome Eggs: Velocidromes will hatch from blue and red-spotted wyvern eggs. This egg-type will be found by the player character throughout the main story, so it is the most identifiable and well-known egg type. They will have an additional special jump as well.
  • Yian Kut-Ku Eggs: Yian Kut-Ku will hatch from the fuchsia and blue-spotted wyvern eggs. Players will fight this type of monster fairly early on in the story if they haven't spotted them in the wild yet. The Yian Kut-Ku's special ability is to break walls with its head.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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