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My Hero Academia: 10 Of Kyoka Jiro's Cutest Moments, Ranked

In a world where almost everyone has some kind of superpower, My Hero Academia follows the students of Class 1-A as they attend U.A. High School, a training school for superheroes. The 'hearing hero' Earphone Jack, alias Kyoka Jiro, is in training to protect the people of her city. Her Quirk enables her to extend her earlobes, which have earphone jacks at their ends, to channel vibrations in the surroundings. This power makes Jiro extremely useful at reconnaissance and detection, as she's able to discover where the enemies are with pinpoint accuracy.

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Although she has very little screentime on My Hero Academia, Jiro steals the scenes she features in. She has a sarcastic and practical personality, teasing her classmates to hide her kind and passionate heart. Her best and cutest moments in the series often come from when she accidentally reveals her love for music and hero work, embarrassing her and making her blush.

10 Helping Hostages During Her Internship

In season 2, Jiro completes a hero course internship with the pro hero Death Arms. She provides recon aid and assistance to the pro hero and his sidekicks, using her powers to listen through walls and doors to find the villains. This experience provides lots of character development for Jiro, and informs her decision in season 5 regarding where to go for her next internship.

The cute moment comes from Jiro assisting with a mission and aiding two hostages to escape a locked room. As she runs away with the hostages, leading them to safety, she cracks a smile that shows her genuine enjoyment and talent for hero work.

9 Making Fun Of Kaminari's Hero Name

Jiro often makes fun of the electric-type hero Kaminari, since in the early seasons of the show he is air-headed and becomes useless after using his power once. While Class 1-A choose their hero names, Jiro recommends the name Jamming-Way to Kaminari, who at first likes it because it sounds intelligent, but Jiro reveals that the name is actually making fun of Kaminari's weaknesses.

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Jiro doesn't often laugh in the show, but at this moment she laughs at Kaminari and jogs up to the board to reveal her hero name, Earphone Jack, with an adorable smile.

8 Hiding Behind Momo At A Party On I-Island

In the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie, Jiro and her classmates are invited to a party to celebrate All Might on the mysterious I-Island. The party requires formal attire, so while the equally adorable Momo Yaoyorozou dresses in an elegant green dress, Jiro dresses in a pink and purple dress with a black jacket on top and a pink flower in her hair.

Jiro hides behind Momo during their introduction, embarrassed to be seen wearing a dress, but when the action starts, Jiro puts the embarrassment behind her and gains the courage to help her friends tackle the villains that have infiltrated the island.

7 Jiro And Koda Team Up For Their Final Exam

Koda is a soft-spoken, shy character that can talk to animals. Jiro and Koda are a good match for their final exam, according to Deku, as they both have sound-related Quirks. However, their exam is a battle against the sound master Present Mic. Jiro demonstrates that she is a great team worker and strategist in this fight, helping Koda overcome his fear of bugs and devising a strategy to beat Present Mic.

Jiro's eardrums burst during the fight due to Present Mic's powerful voice, but the ending shot of Koda carrying the injured Jiro through the gates to win makes it worth the sacrifice. Jiro smiles wide and, although she would usually hate to rely on someone to help her, is happy for her teammate to support her on their way to victory.

6 Supporting Bakugo During A Group Battle

Bakugo, true to form, steps up as leader of his group during the season 5 class battles. Jiro has some great moments during the fight, insisting that Bakugo call her by her name, Jiro, rather than a simplistic nickname, "Ears."

Jiro, Sero, and Sato support Bakugo to the best of their abilities, and Bakugo finally learns to trust the people on his team. Together they secure the victory, and Jiro's sweetest moment in this battle is the still-frame of her team walking out of the gate, with Jiro grinning and high-fiving Sato to celebrate their win.

5 Showing Everyone Her Room When They Move Into Dorms

Jiro is swept up in the competition between the Class 1-A members when they move into shared dorms and decide to compete over who has the best room. Each room is customized to the owner's taste, for example, Deku has posters and figurines of All Might covering every surface of the room. Jiro's room is very trendy, decorated in red and black like her hero uniform, and filled with instruments including electric guitars, speakers, and a drum set.

Jiro is highly embarrassed at everyone looking at her room, and Uraraka calls her a "rocking girl" as a compliment. Jiro has a habit of tapping her earphone jacks together when she is embarrassed, but as soon as Aoyama calls her "unladylike," Jiro slips back into her stoic personality and jams one of her jacks into his ear to shut him up.

4 She Is Chosen To Lead Class 1-A's Rock Band

My Hero Academia uses one of the most prevalent anime tropes, a school festival, to raise its students' spirits after the appearance of the villains. After being inspired by a recording of a rock band and remembering Jiro's instrument-filled dorm room, Class 1-A decides to perform a song on stage. They turn to Jiro and ask her to lead them, embarrassing her greatly.

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In a flashback, Jiro shows that she is good at teaching others how to play instruments, laughing and smiling with Toru and Uraraka as they sit in her room playing guitars. Jiro is embarrassed that her hobby has little to do with hero work, but with Kaminari, Koda, and Class 1-A's support, Jiro agrees to help with the festival.

3 She Shows Off Her Beautiful Singing Voice

As leader of Class 1-A's rock band for the U.A. school festival, Jiro is chosen to be lead guitar and vocals. She auditions for the part by singing a beautiful song, making Toru exclaim "my ears are so happy!" With Class 1-A's support, Jiro is instilled with confidence for the performance, despite being reluctant to participate at first.

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Jiro is happy with the reception her voice receives, as Class 1-A erupts into applause, but the praise is so embarrassing to her that she quickly moves on, asking the class for guitarists so that they can practice their song as soon as possible.

2 Becoming A Cheerleader At The Sports Festival

Mineta and Kaminari succeed in tricking the girls of Class 1-A to dress as cheerleaders at the UA Sports Festival in season 2. Jiro blushes when she hears the news that she has to dress up, and during the event, she turns red and throws her pom-poms on the ground in anger at being tricked.

Later in the episode, the girls have a still frame that indicates that they actually performed a routine, and the frame shows Jiro crouching down to prevent herself from being seen. This moment forces Jiro out of her comfort zone, showing a side to her that her stoic demeanor had hidden until then.

1 Performing "Hero Too" On-Stage With Class 1-A

Some members of the audience at the school festival performance are skeptical of the Class's ability to inspire, especially after a recent villain attack, but Jiro launches into the performance with passion and enthusiasm. Jiro's facial expressions during the performance are incredible, showing her genuine love for her classmates and her craft.

The school festival arc brings out the best in Jiro, showing her leadership, passion, talents, and teamwork, and growing her from a fun background character to a truly inspiring member of Class 1-A who is beloved by big fans of My Hero Academia.

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