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My Hero Academia's Deku Is Facing Off Against His Classmates

Warning: contains spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 319!

Class 1-A may have just saved Deku from the clutches of the villain Dictator and his annoying Despot quirk, but it now seems as though they'll have to fight him themselves in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. Despite needing all the help he can get, Deku shouts down his classmates, attempting to order them away when they show up to aid him.

This isn't the first time that Deku has brushed aside someone who just wants to help him. The most recent example is also the most astonishing: his childhood hero, teacher and personal mentor, All Might. It's understandable why Deku is struggling so profoundly. He feels as though winning the final battle against All For One rests squarely on his shoulders because he is the inheritor of One For All and the next bringer of hope in a world of darkness. But most importantly of all, All For One wants his power, and Deku believes that anyone who's near him will just needlessly be caught in the crossfire. He therefore feels confronting All For One is his burden to bear and his alone, and the longer he waits, the more powerful All For One becomes.

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Ever since Deku struck out on his own as part of a plan to lure All For One out of hiding, his classmates have been completely out of the picture. Now, they have suddenly reappeared in chapter 319, where they convince the number-one hero Endeavor to give them Deku's whereabouts so they can help him. But after they come to his aid, Deku doesn't have any kind words for his allies. Deku first tells them to stay back, and once it becomes apparent they won't, he dials it up a few notches by yelling, "Get out of my way!" to which Tenya Ida responds with "Let's go guys!" Although he doesn't elaborate on what exactly his order entails, it's clear from Class 1-A's stances that they are willing to stop Deku by force.

The big difference between this situation and when All Might tried to stop Deku is that All Might no longer has any powers and therefore couldn't physically force his protege to do anything. All he had were his words, and it's clear that common sense is no longer working on Deku. Now, the only option left is to convince him with force. And after seeing how much his classmates have grown when they competed against Class 1-B during the Joint Training Arc, it's clear they have a lot of force to offer.

Even though Deku has already surpassed his physical limit and is drastically outnumbered, there's really no telling how this confrontation will end if everything does devolve to blows. He not only possesses numerous quirks and has proven on countless occasions that he can wield them simultaneously, but he's driven by a profound sense of will that seems unshakable. Knowing how much Deku has looked up to All Might ever since he was just a small, quirkless boy in the early chapters of My Hero Academia is a testament to the amount of will power he had to muster to brush All Might aside - if Deku could do that, there's no reason to suspect he'll go easy on his classmates, especially given what he believes is at stake.

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