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Never Have I Ever: 10 Big Questions Fans Need Answered If There Is A Season 3

Netflix's Never Have I Ever was one of the best new teen shows of 2020 and now that season 2 has dropped, it's well on its way to becoming 2021's best-returning teen show. The comedy series picks up right where season 1 left off, answering the crucial question of which boy Devi will choose. However, staying true to herself means that Devi doesn't make the best decisions.

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With ten episodes, season 2 is packed with drama as fans watch Devi continue to navigate her sophomore year of high school. New characters were added to shake up the drama and they certainly did not disappoint. From ongoing love triangles to friendship betrayals, Never Have I Ever packed a lot of stuff into one season and left many with questions as to what's to come in a hopeful season 3.

10 Are Devi And Paxton Going To Stay Together?

Since season 1, Devi has been undeniably infatuated with Paxton, Sherman Oak High's golden boy. And he's mostly reciprocated in his own way. Season 2 definitely explored their relationship further as these two went from a couple to enemies, to tutor buddies, to a couple again.

Now, that Paxton has made the decision to be with Devi publically, fans are curious to see if their relationship will withstand the test of time. After all, Paxton expressed some concerns about what dating Devi would do to his image and Devi is most likely still harboring feelings for Ben.

9 Will Paxton Get Into A Good College?

For the first time, fans got an inside look at Paxton's inner thoughts during his voice-over episode. During this episode, Paxton learns that his college dreams might be on the backburner after he's barred from swimming due to his broken arm.

Determined to keep his college dreams alive, Paxton tries to throw himself into his school work, which is easier said than done. Though, with some help, he manages to raise his grade point average and even shows an interest. With his newfound interest in school, fans are curious if it'll be enough to get him into a good college after all.

8 Is Kamala Going To Reject Her Proposal?

While there's no denying that Kamala is intelligent and driven when it comes to her professional life, her romantic life is a bit of a mess. Kamala spent most of this season getting to know Prashant, her potential husband. And while things mostly were going well, his sexist comments make her question his potential as a spouse.

On top of that, Kamala was introduced to Mr. Kulkarni whom she hit it off with. After running out on her supposed engagement dinner with Prashant and her family, everyone is wondering what Kamala is going to do next.

7 Will People Stop Calling Devi Crazy?

Devi is one of the rashest and impulsive characters on television. She often lets her feelings control her actions which gets her into all sorts of trouble and makes her seem like a bad friend. It's these actions and poor decisions that land her the nickname "crazy Devi" by her peers and even her mother.

While Devi is probably always going to be a bit impulsive, fans are hopeful that the hurtful nickname will drift away next season. After all, Paxton is the one who started it, and now that he's dating Devi he should end it.

6 Will Ben And Aneesa Stay Together?

After getting his heart broken by Devi this season, Ben befriends Aneesa, the new girl in school. It's not long before these two are flirting with each other. Even though they make a cute couple, fans are worried they might not be the perfect couple.

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After all, Ben and Aneesa are definitely not on the same page when it comes to excelling in school. Plus, Ben is definitely still not over Devi. With so much emotional baggage, there's no telling if these two can make it work or if they're better off as friends.

5 Is Fabiola Going To Try To Become The Robotics Team Captain Again?

After being less of a main character last season, Fabiola finally got her own storyline this season which was much deserved. However, spending all her time with Eve wasn't exactly what Fabiola has envisioned when they decide to run for Cricket Queen at the Winter dance, forcing her to bail on her robotics team.

Fabiola faced the hard reality of her decision when the team voted to remove her as captain. However, this might have been the kick in the butt Fabiola needed to remind herself who she really is. Hopefully, she'll be captain once again soon.

4 Are Eleanor And Trent Going To Become A Couple?

Eleanor is another one of Devi's friends who got a bigger storyline of her own this season. After realizing how awful Malcolm was to her, Eleanor finally decides to move on. However, even she is shocked when Trent, Paxton's best friend, asks her to dance.

Eleanor and Trent actually have quite a bit more in common than most people think. They're both loyal friends and they both are often entertaining. Now that Trent has shown an interest in her, fans are intrigued to see if a relationship between these two will develop.

3 Who Will Be The Next To Get Their Own Voice-Over Episode?

One of the cool things about Never Have I Ever is that once per season, the show lets someone else be the star of an episode. This season Paxton was the lucky character chosen for his own V.O. episode which was fun.

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Now that fans know it's a staple in every season, the speculation has already begun on who should get their own episode in season 3. Any of the ladies in Devi's life would make great stars of their episode -- especially Kamala who seems to be going through a whole lot lately.

2 Is Ben Going To Try To Win Devi Back?

As the other major love interest in Devi's life, fans are definitely interested in what his next move will be. Ben might be in a relationship with Aneesa but he definitely still has a soft spot for Devi.

This became extremely clear after Eleanor confessed to Ben that Devi was originally going to pick him but they talked her out of it. Now that he knows Devi actually chose him, fans are dying to know if he's going to fight to win Devi back.

1 Will Nalini And Devi Continue To Mend Their Relationship?

Nalini and Devi have one of the most complicated mother-daughter relationships on television but that's what makes it so special. They've certainly been through the worst of times together but they also have a lot of great moments too.

While they both acted irrationally towards each other this season, they ended on a good note. Fans certainly hope these two continue to mend their relationship since they really are stronger together.

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