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New Girl: 10 Scenes Fans Love To Watch Over & Over | ScreenRant

The hangout comedy series has evolved on television over the years. From the great chemistry and easy-going nature of the ensemble comedy, Friends, to the high-concept, forward-thinking How I Met Your Mother, each hangout comedy seems to take on a different form. And around the same time that Happy Endings aimed to be as funny as possible, New Girl decided to similarly lavish in the characters' eccentricities.

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As a result, the L.A. loft-set show featuring Jess (Zooey Deschanel), Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Winston (Lamorne Morris), and Cece (Hannah Simone) has a ton of highly rewatchable moments. These, in particular, are among the fan favorites, for sure.

10 Gave Me Cookie, Got You Cookie

The deep friendship between Schmidt and Nick is one of the most heart-fulfilling across television during the 2010s. Nick loves being friends with Schmidt and Schmidt loves being friends with Nick. So much so, in fact, that Nick feels like he's unworthy of it even if he can't quite put it into words.

This culminates in an incredible, tearful confession by Nick when he chokes up saying, "Gave me cookie, got you cookie, man." Perhaps no more poetic words have been spoken between two small screen friends.

9 Jess And Cece And The Bread Maker

Cece's bachelorette party is the subject of the season 5 episode, "A Chill Day In." It's a hysterical installment that is largely buoyed by the Jess and Cece interactions when they try to return a bread maker they destroyed.

With the two under the influence, they wind up sneaking around the store and setting off the absurdly loud censors that shout, "Feel like baking love!" throughout the store. It eliminates all subtlety, but it also exacerbates the laughter.

8 Winston's Puzzle

While season 3 of New Girl had some wonky elements, it certainly helped better establish what kind of character Winston was. That began with his affinity for puzzles.

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Whether it was him asking Schmidt what the puzzle would look like or beginning to slip his pants off, the love he harbors for puzzling rivals the love he had for his cat, Ferguson, and for his aliases, like Retired Rear Admiral Jay Garage-a-roo. The puzzle sequence, however, is highly rewatchable.

7 The Wedding True American

Every instance of True American being played on New Girl is a fantastic one that deserves to be watched over and over. One of the most fun, however, comes in "Wedding Eve" when it is played as a way to help Jess navigate her own love life.

While it is great when they are highly energetic with this game in the loft, it was even funnier to see their reactions when they kind of didn't even want to play the game. Yet, the random assortment of rules ("JFK! FDR!") always makes for a hysterical sequence.

6 Mick Mouse

The idea of a scene with Schmidt eating cheese is bare-bones, even though Greenfield could certainly make it funny. Where the moment reaches euphoric heights, though, is that it pairs Schmidt with Nadia who laughs at him, "Cheese. Is for mouse. Are you Mick Mouse?"

The confusion continues as Schmidt doesn't know who Mick Mouse is and Nadia's clue of a spaceship is no help. Come for the "I don't understand what a Mick Mouse is!," stay for the "He's earthbound."

5 Washing The Towel

Another classic New Girl conversation built around a misunderstanding results when Schmidt learns that his towel is perpetually used by Nick. It blasts off when Schmidt asks if Nick washes the towel and Nick replies, "The towel washes me. Who washes a towel?"

Whenever an indignant Schmidt combines with a temperamental Nick, it's a hilarious moment. The culmination, "What am I gonna do? Wash the shower next? Wash a bar of soap? You gotta think here, pal!" is among New Girl's funniest sequences.

4 Nick And Jess' First Kiss

While there is plenty of comedy on New Girl, the Fox comedy could also dabble in some of the sweeter and more romantic moments. A great example of this comes after a different game of True American when Nick refuses to have his first kiss with Jess be as a part of a game.

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Instead, he meets her in the hallway and turns on the high charm and romance. His parting line is a stunner and it leaves Jess speechless. It left the audience that way, too.

3 Nick Meets Tran

It's probably no coincidence that so many of the most rewatchable scenes on New Girl involve Nick. The moment when he meets Tran on the park bench has to be included. It's just so vital to understanding what the lifeblood of the comedy is.

The seemingly one-sided friendship is actually a deep mutual bond, as evidenced by Tran's willingness to cook for Nick's friends. Yet, it all started with Nick expressing how he loved Tran's hat just being blue.

2 Nick's Confessional

The entirety of the season 4 episode, "Background Check," is a rewatchable one and among the funniest New Girl ever did. However, the standout sequence comes when Nick, dressed in a kimono to mask his lie-induced sweating, confesses everything he can to The Fish.

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The only thing he doesn't confess? The possibility that Jess is stashing meth in her closet, as they don't want to spoil Winston's background check. Instead, Nick pauses his a cappella rendition of "Landslide" to admit that he once put a lemon in his mother's mouth while she was sleeping and that he fed cereal flakes to a frog. It's a killer performance.

1 Popcorn Machine

Whenever Nick is left to his own ambitions in the kitchen, comedy is bound to ensue. Season 4's "Spiderhunt" enables him to converse with Jess from the kitchen. He thinks Jess is talking about how Cece wants to buy a popcorn machine for the bar. She thinks he is talking about how he wants to have sex with Cece.

Yes, it's a very Three's Company-esque premise, but it is completely hilarious what ensues from there. The misunderstanding is top-notch writing and the line deliveries make the scene all the better. It's some of what New Girl always did best.

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