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New Girl: 8 Unpopular Opinions About Schmidt (According To Reddit)

Most television shows have some source of controversy, and it's not a surprise that Schmidt is the most heavily debated character in New GirlArguments can be made that Schmidt was New Girl's funniest character, but there were also plenty of things about him that fans didn't particularly like.

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Because Schmidt has such a dynamic personality, viewers tend to either love him or hate him. The audience appears to love him for the most part, and whether or not his actions are justifiable is open to interpretation. But not everyone agrees with the majority of New Girl fans, and they took to Reddit to express their unpopular opinions.

8 Schmidt Gets A Pass On Everything

Even if all the worst things Jess did in New Girl were combined, it probably wouldn't come anywhere close to Schmidt's level of cynicism. However, a Reddit user states that fans always give Schmidt a pass and excuse his horrible behavior.

They pointed out that if Jess is self-centered and annoying, Schmidt is even worse. Jess makes huge gestures for her friends to show how much she cares about them. Schmidt shouldn't be held to different standards than her just because he's a popular character.

7 Schmidt Is Unbearable

Because he's such a hot topic of discussion, arguments can be made on why Schmidt is actually New Girl's main character. Yet, fans who don't love him typically tend to hate him. For instance, a Reddit user who had recently started watching the show finds Schmidt completely unbearable.

They argue that he's self-absorbed and disrespectful to the people around him. He gets angry anytime Cece dates someone who isn't him, even though Schmidt is the one who cheated on her. They recognize that his actions are meant to be taken in a lighthearted way, but there's nothing funny about being a bad person.

6 Schmidt Not Knowing How To Do Laundry Was A Lame Reveal

Because of how much Schmidt loves to clean, it was a bit odd to find out that Schmidt doesn't know how to do laundry. However, the weirdest part is that Nick, who is known for being irresponsible, helps teach him.

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Many fans found this scene funny because of the role reversal, but a Reddit user expresses the unpopular opinion that it was a lame reveal. Most of the replies disagree, and one user argues how it was hinted at throughout the show and actually makes perfect sense.

5 Schmidt's Relationship With Cece Was Better In The First Two Seasons

Schmidt and Cece both have significant character development, which is why their relationship matured during the latter half of the show. The beginning of their relationship was messy, and there are plenty of things about it that viewers dislike.

A Reddit user expresses the unpopular opinion that Schmidt and Cece's romance was better in the first two seasons, rather than New Girl Season 3 and beyond. One user even replies to say that it's the first time they've ever heard that.

4 It Doesn't Make Sense That Schmidt Likes EDM Music

Schmidt has plenty of great quirks that make him unique in comparison to the other characters on New Girl. Schmidt is into a lot of different things that viewers wouldn't expect, so most weren't shocked to discover that he's a fan of Electronic Dance Music.

A Reddit user feels differently and believes that it's not something Schmidt would normally like. They claim that Schmidt is a rigid person and strongly believes having a structured life is vital. The user points out that EDM music clashes with that heavily.

3 Schmidt Cheating On CeCe Was Never Properly Resolved

Cheating on Cece and Elizabeth with each other is by far the worst thing Schmidt has done on New GirlHe manipulated both girls in order to keep them from interacting and drove Cece around without her cellphone to keep Jess from telling her the truth.

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Schmidt's actions were the reason he and Cece broke up, and a Reddit user points out that there was never any resolution. This is more of a fact than an unpopular opinion because the two get back together in New Girl Season 4 without really speaking on it. The user goes on to say that it's a troublesome message to send to the audience.

2 Schmidt Was Annoying In New Girl Season 3

Although it was posted as an unpopular opinion, most fans agree that Schmidt was at his worst during the show's third season. He still cracked plenty of jokes, but from a morality standpoint, Schmidt became unlikeable. A Reddit user points out how he tried to blame his breakup on Nick and Jess, even though he was the one in the wrong.

Out of revenge, he tries to split Nick and Jess up, and manipulates Jess into doing something he knows will upset his best friend. Nick had been there for Schmidt for years, and they find it hard to believe that the Keaton emails were a good enough reason for Schmidt to move out of the loft.

1 Schmidt And Cece Are A Bad Couple

There's no denying that Schmidt was obsessed with Cece straight from the get-go. Most viewers enjoyed their relationship and didn't pay much attention to this aspect, but a Reddit user explains that it's one of the many reasons why they aren't a good couple.

They argue that Cece was ashamed of liking Schmidt for seasons, and when she finally starts treating him better, he cheats on her with Elizabeth. While it may sound repetitive, what Schmidt did to Cece and Elizabeth is something that drastically changed the direction of his character. The user also claims that it wouldn't be surprising if the show had a revival and Schmidt and Cece ended up getting divorced.

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