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One Piece: 10 Heroic Acts Committed By Villains | ScreenRant

While the Straw Hats make the pirate life look fun and adventurous, one should never underestimate the treacherous waters of One Piece's world. The Straw Hats are the exceptions to a world full of vicious villains who will steal and pillage on their worst day and be out to conquer on their best.

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One Piece's rogues' gallery has some of the evilest and most powerful villains in manga and anime whose ambitions and power have constantly been at odds with the Straw Hats. However, as destructive as they've been, there's no denying that One Piece's villains have a lighter side. Not ones to stick to a single theme, plenty of this series' villains have done some good in the world.

10 "Wet Haired" Caribou Protecting Ganburu's Grandmother

When "Wet Haired" Caribou and his brother debuted, there was very little doubt from the fans that they were just another pair of cartoonishly evil villain-of-the-week characters. One of them is literally called "Blood Splatter," and anyone trying that hard to be villainous doesn't really last long in One Piece.

However, not only has "Wet Haired" Caribou returned in Wano, but he also had a cover story that showed a softer side to his otherwise sadistic character. During his exploits in the New World, an elderly woman mistakes Caribou for her long-lost grandson. While Caribou initially tries to steal from her, the grandmother grows on him, and he sacrifices himself to protect her when Kaido's crew came knocking on her door.

9 Big Mom Protecting Tama

Despite her moniker, Charlotte Linlin hasn't always been a motherly character. Whether she's flexing her power as an Emperor or just on another one of her hunger tantrums, Big Mom has been known to even attack her own children if the mood ever struck her. However, during her chase on the Straw Hats on Wano, Big Mom sustained a massive head injury that temporarily caused her to revert to her childhood self.

When this happened, she grew attached to the Cowardly Trio, and especially the Straw Hats' new friend on Wano, Tama. Well after she regained her memories, Big Mom still had a soft spot for Tama and has even turned against members of Kaido's crew for threatening her little friend.

8 Katakuri Protecting Brulee

When Katakuri debuted, he immediately stood out to the fans for contrasting not only the Charlotte Family's own colorful idiosyncrasies, but One Piece's bubbly style overall. Here was a large, intimidating figure adorned in black and spikes that no one wanted to mess with. In the aftermath of Big Mom's ruined tea party, Katakuri set his sights and Luffy and gave him a brutal beatdown.

As terrifying as Katakuri was, this all turned out to be a facade to help protect his unique-looking family. Long ago, his little sister, Brulee, was attacked by some bullies, leading a young Katakuri to make quick work of them. This moment and Katakuri's demeanor as a whole has been dedicated to protecting his family, a noble gesture that seems lost on even Big Mom herself.

7 Gin Giving Sanji A Gas Mask

Gin of the Krieg Pirates didn't have a long tenure in One Piece, but his short time in the series has been some of the most stoic and memorable in One Piece's history. He had an interesting rapport with Sanji and engaged audiences with his inner conflict between repaying Sanji for his kindness and staying loyal to his crew.

His solution to that dilemma managed to satisfy both parties at the likely cost of his own life. In a bitter attempt to defeat Luffy, Don Krief unleashes a noxious gas on the Baratie, something that his crew was already preparing for with gas masks. Gin, however, shoved his mask on Sanji at the last second, paying the chef back for saving his life while still giving his to Don Krieg. It was a touching interaction and, sadly, one of One Piece's few dropped storylines.

6 Nico Robin Saving Luffy

While it's pretty commonplace to see Nico Robin backing the Straw Hats nowadays, there was a time when it was surprising to see her giving Luffy a hand—or a hundred hands. When Robin debuted, she was Miss All Sunday, the vice president of an elite bounty hunter organization that was conspiring to overthrow Alabasta.

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Her first appearance had her trying to assassinate the Straw Hats alongside Princess Vivi, and her subsequent appearances didn't disappoint in portraying her as a cold, calm killer. However, this all turned out to be a ruse to get her close to Alabasta's Poneglyphs; and, after her ties to Crocodile were broken, she was pivotal in keeping Luffy alive for his final fight.

5 Bentham Distracting The Marines On Alabasta

Much like Nico Robin, Bentham came into the series as one of Baroque Works' best agents. Despite showing some immediate chemistry with the Straw Hats, the Straw Hats were quick to learn to watch out for Mr. 2. When Crocodile's top executives descended on the Straw Hats, he had the honor of fighting Sanji.

After the Straw Hats' inevitable victory, Bentham didn't forget his surprising friendship with the Straw Hats. When the Marines started chasing them, Bentham personally acted as a distraction to help the Straw Hats escape. Little did fans know that this would only be his first time doing this.

4 Hannyabel Defending Impel Down's Gates

Unlike a lot of One Piece villains, Hannyabel technically/arguably debuted as a hero. He was the Vice Warden of Impel Down, a facility dedicated to keeping and punishing the world's worst villains caught by the Marines. However, Hannyabel didn't always appear as a reliable authority figure throughout this arc.

Filled with petty feelings over not being the chief warden, Hannyabel conspired against Magellan and even had moments where he either slacked off or sabotaged his own job. However, when Luffy's prison break started getting more serious, Hannyabel quickly realized how dangerous it would be if the world's criminals were to escape, and he valiantly—yet unsuccessfully—fought Luffy's escape team in an effort to maintain order.

3 Buggy Saving Luffy During The Summit War

With the exception of Alvida, Buggy has been Luffy's oldest and most consistent enemy, having followed him since the East Blue to try and avenge his original humiliation. The two had a temporary truce during the Summit War Saga when the two worked together to navigate and escape Impel Down.

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While that should've been the end of the two's interaction, Buggy surprisingly came to Luffy's side after Akainu injured him and took down Ace. Even though Buggy tried to cut off Luffy's head right before the Straw Hat went into the Grand Line, he practically carried him across all of Marineford to bring him to safety.

2 Crocodile Preventing Ace's Execution

Whether fans see this as genuine altruism or as Crocodile just trying to enact revenge against the World Government, there's no denying that he was a key player during the closing moments of the Summit War. Just as Ace was about to be executed, no one else was close enough to save him other than Crocodile.

Surprising everyone familiar with his treacherous ways and his old rivalry with Whitebeard, Crocodile attacked and stopped Ace's executioners before they could bring their blades down.

1 Mjosgard Saving Shirahoshi

Ever since Sabaody Archipelago, the Celestial Dragons were positioned as some of the worst people in One Piece's world, and very few of them have actually done anything to change that perception to the fans—and by few, that means one. When Donquixote Mjosgard first debuted, he was fearful at best and disgusted at worst for having to be around Fishman Island.

It took Queen Otohime saving his life for him to give the kingdom a second thought and even a seat to talk with the World Government. This would surprisingly have a massive effect on Mjosgard, who, in one of One Piece's best redemption stories, defended Princess Shirahoshi and King Neptune when they traveled to Mariejois years later.

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