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Parks and Rec: 10 Underrated Moments That Aren't Talked About Enough

Though it was initially seen as a cheap imitator of The Office, Parks and Recreation quickly proved itself to be its own charming comedy. Its popularity grew over the years with a number of classic moments emerging that helped cement it as one of the funniest shows on television.

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But while there are those key scenes that everyone remembers from the show, Parks and Rec is also filled with great moments that aren't mentioned as often. For whatever reason, these moments don't get enough attention but are other great examples of what makes the show so special.

10 When Jerry Is Allowed To Talk

Despite being a really nice and friendly person, Jerry Gergich is mistreated by everyone in the office. It would be easy to feel bad for Jerry if it wasn't so funny. But in one rare moment, Chris and Ben allow Jerry to offer his advice.

Jerry begins by giving some very heartfelt words of wisdom about being a father that is genuinely touching. He then starts rambling incoherently. He apologizes and explains that he's never allowed to talk that long so he didn't know what to do.

9 Animal Control Guys


While the main characters are the ones fans care about, the colorful characters who make up the citizens of Pawnee add so much to the series. Two of the most underrated of these recurring characters are the animal control workers, Brett and Harris.

Their most memorable appearance is when Leslie and Chris take a tour of their office and see how incredibly incompetent they are. Along with having traps lying around the office, they also rig a dead bird to the wall hoping to make a whistle like in The Flintstones.

8 Ben The Cool Guy

Ben Wyatt is a very intelligent and kind person, but he is also a big geek. His love of nerd culture makes him an easy target for ridicule by some of the other characters, but he is popular with some people.

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When Ben takes a job as an accountant at an accounting firm, he unexpectedly becomes the cool guy in the office. It is so fun watching these people swoon over Ben as he eats it up. In one great moment, Ben simply walks into a room and everyone cheers, then Ben turns to the camera and gives a satisfied wink.

7 Jean Ralphio Gets A Job

Another hilarious aspect of Ben's job with the accounting firm is that he keeps taking the job then quickly turning it down, much to the despair of everyone in the office. However, with Ben leaving an opening, Jean Ralphio decides to swoop in and take the job.

As he is being given a tour of the office, he freely admits that he lied on his application and has no accounting experience. He then proceeds to hit on one of the female workers. When he is immediately fired, Jean Ralphio doesn't take it to heart and says, "So I just go out the same way I came in?"

6 Andy Gives His Blessing

Before beginning an action star in the MCU as Star-Lord, Chris Pratt won hearts as the lovable but dimwitted Andy Dwyer. His character was made even more endearing thanks to his relationship with April, which made for some sweet moments as well as some hilarious ones.

As the men try to cheer up Chris Traeger by insisting he will be married some day, Andy begins imagining a scenario in which he dies and Chris marries April. But his imagination starts to run wild and soon it becomes a revenge story in which Andy faked his own death. It ends with Andy screaming at Chris, "I thought you were my friend!"

5 Food Poisoning

Some of the best moments of the show are when the cast gets the chance to embrace some physical comedy together. A great yet underappreciated moment like this comes when the men of the office go taste-testing for Ben and Leslie's wedding and get food poisoning.

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It is a hilarious scene of grown men writhing on the floor and using their faces to dial a phone as they are in such pain. Ron also has a hilarious line about how, given that the "amount" he expelled from his body was larger than Tom himself, the little man might have simply vanished off the face of the earth.

4 Tom's Bowling Skills

Ron Swanson is a man who prides himself on being manly in everything he does, so he is horrified to see the way Tom bowls. Despite the fact that Tom looks ridiculous with his bowling skills, he manages to get a strike every time which further infuriates Ron.

Ron's horrified exclamation to Tom, "Son, people can see you!" is funny enough, but it is even better when Ron dresses in a disguise to try out the technique himself. He manages to bowl a perfect game but when the bowling alley manager congratulates him, Ron insists, "I was never here."

3 Cube Butt

Despite Ben and Leslie both being very professional people, they make the poor decision to attempt to hide their romantic relationship at work. This leads to a lot of sneaking around and flirting in secret.

During a meeting, one of Leslie's notes to Ben goes to Jerry accidentally which reads, "You have a cute butt." When Jerry questions it, April guesses it was meant to read "You have a cube butt." But when the others start to question it, Leslie distracts them with the chant "Cube butt, cube butt, cube butt!"

2 Ron Eats A Banana

There are few things in life that Ron Swanson loves more than meat. However, it turns out his new girlfriend Diane is one of those rare things that trumps his beloved meat. So when Diane worries about Ron's diet, it leads him to do the unthinkable – attempt to eat a fruit.

The sight of Ron struggling alone in his office to take one bite of the banana is both a hilarious moment and a surprisingly heartwarming one that Parks fans adore. It ends with him finding a compromise as he puts the banana in a cheeseburger.

1 Leslie's First Rally

Leslie Knope is a great television role model and it was only inevitable that she would run for a political position someday. After being dumped by her campaign managers, she recruits her friends to help with the campaign and it gets off to a rocky start.

When arriving at her first rally, Leslie finds that the basketball court has been turned into an ice rink, the red carpet doesn't go all the way to the stage, and the stage has no stairs. Watching Leslie and the others struggle across the ice and attempt to awkwardly boost Leslie onto the stage is one of the funniest and cringe-worthy moments on the show.

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