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Pokémon Unite Roster: Every New Character Joining The Game

Pokémon Unite's June 21 release brought the Pokémon franchise to the multiplayer 0nline battle arena genre on Nintendo Switch. Players score points by capturing wild Pokémon, defeating members of the enemy team, and reaching their opponents' goal zone. The game also features a wide cast of Pokémon from previous games, allowing players to customize their playstyle based on which member of Pokémon Unite's roster suits them best.

There are currently around 20 Pokémon on Pokémon Unite's roster, which also includes different roles in order to help diversify teams. Speedsters, Attackers, Defenders, Supporters, and All-Rounders make up the five Battle Types in the game's current state, and each suits a different playstyle. Crustle, a Defender, can create a barricade of rock to protect itself and its teammates, whereas Eldegoss, a Supporter, can heal allies using Pollen Puff.

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Most Pokémon, with exceptions such as the powerful Attacker Pokémon Pikachu, also have the ability to evolve over the course of a match. These evolutions make Pokémon significantly more powerful, but are temporary and only last the duration of the round. The fire-type Attacker Scorbunny evolves into Raboot at level 5 and Cinderace at level 7, for example, whereas Slowpoke becomes Slowbro at level 4. On top of all the Pokémon that are already on Pokémon Unite's roster, more will be added to the game as time goes on, as well.

In June, Pokémon Unite confirmed on its official Twitter account that Blastoise, an Attacker, and Gardevoir, a Defender, would be added to the roster in the near future. It's worth noting that both of these Pokémon are the final forms of an evolutionary chain; Squirtle, Wartortle, Ralts, and Kirlia were added alongside them. The Tweet also hinted at a third mystery Pokémon that will be joining the game's post-launch additions, although no further clues have been revealed as to which Pokémon it could be or when any of these new characters will be properly introduced to the roster. Blastoise's presence in Pokémon Unite was already revealed ahead of time thanks to leaks from the game's Beta, which showcased several purchasable cosmetic items including an outfit for Blastoise.

Along with purchasing cosmetics, players can pay for in-game currency in order to unlock new Pokémon characters faster. According to a Pokémon Unite player on Reddit, who criticized the game's free-to-start monetization strategy as being predatory and pay-to-win, it takes around 15 Pokémon Unite matches to earn enough currency to unlock one additional character. As Pokémon Unite's roster grows, players may become more and more eager to access additional characters, especially those who could bring unique tactics to Pokémon Unite's five-on-five team-based gameplay. This could lead to an increase in microtransactions, something that developers have yet to address despite fan response.

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