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Resident Evil Vs Monster Hunter: Which Milla Jovovich Video Game Movie Is Best?

Milla Jovovich has fronted two movies adapted from major Capcom video games, but between the original Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, which film comes out on top? Paul W.S. Anderson made a name for himself with his second film Mortal Kombat, which adapted the classic arcade game. It's still considered one of the best video game-to-movie translations, and while the PG-13 rating nixed the violence of its source material, it's still a fun martial arts adventure.

Since then, Anderson has become something of a go-to director for major game properties. He replaced George Romero (Night Of The Living Dead) as the helmer of 2002's Resident Evil, and he either produced or directed the following five entries in the saga. While fans are very, VERY mixed on these adaptations, Resident Evil is the most successful movie series based on a video game. He also served as producer on another game property DOA: Dead or Alive in 2006 and was attached to helm a live-action Castlevania at one point.

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After finishing work on the Resident Evil series, Anderson and his wife Milla Jovovich was soon handed the keys to Capcom's other major gaming franchise, Monster Hunter. A lot has changed since the duo made the first Resident Evil nearly 20 years ago, and while neither adaptation is particularly beloved by devotees of either franchise, they are still some of the most high-profile entries in the genre. The question, however, which movie is the best?

Resident Evil sees Milla Jovovich play Alice, a woman with no memory who wakes up in a creepy, empty mansion before being forced by a mercenary team to accompany them to a lab hidden below the building. This lab was running tests with a bioweapon, which leaked and created zombies and other twisted creatures. Anderson designed the movie to be something of a prequel to the original game but it feels more like a sci-fi thriller than a horror film. Some of the music and editing choices date it, while it lacks any real gore for an R-rated zombie film. That said, Jovovich makes for a great lead, the movie can be quite atmospheric at times, while the infamous "laser corridor" is the undoubted highlight of the movie.

Monster Hunter also takes liberties with the story of its game predecessor, though given that the series isn't known for its deep plot, this is less erroneous. What the film does do well is bring the creatures from the games to life, including the likes of Diablos and Rathalos. After a perfunctory first act - where a Jovovich-led Army Ranger unit is quickly chomped down - the movie becomes something of a two-hander between her and a scene-stealing Tony Jaa. This is the most enjoyable section, playing like an action remake of 1985's Enemy Mine. The setpieces are big and brash and it barely has a storyline to speak of, but with the right mindset, Monster Hunter is silly fun.

That said, neither Paul W.S. Anderson's Monster Hunter or Resident Evil can really be classified as great - or even good, and Milla Jovovich's charisma can only do so much to prop up the relatively shallow experience of both films. Monster Hunter is surprisingly faithful to both the monsters, gear and sometimes even the gameplay of the original titles, while Resident Evil just barely resembles the PSX games it's drawing from. Overall, though, Resident Evil is the best of the two. It has a better cast of characters, some fun setpieces, a creepy A.I. villain in the Red Queen and it established Milla Jovovich as an action star, all of which raise it above Monster Hunter.

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