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Retrocasting Dracula: 10 Best Actors For A Modern Adaptation

Bram Stoker's gothic horror masterpiece Dracula is one of the most adapted and reimagined works of fiction ever written. Everyone from Francis Ford Coppola to Christopher Lee has taken their own original stabs at the famous vampire novel, but Universal's 1931 adaptation is the one that will most often be associated with the title.

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In an age of remakes and reboots, there has never been a better time to give the count a proper and thorough adaptation. However, a modern attempt at a real Dracula adaptation would require no shortage of talent from its cast.

10 David Tennant As Renfield

Renfield is to Dracula as Igor is to Dr. Frankenstien. The actor who plays Dracula's hypnotized, fly-eating lackey has to have a certain wild-eyed demeanor. Renfield has been completely seduced to the dark side thanks to Dracula's control. The actor who picks up this role needs a feral streak, a sinister smile, and a fiendish cackle to truly sell the character.

As demonstrated by his performances as Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and Crowley in Good Omens, David Tennant is absolutely ideal for this role. Even a little of the 1oth Doctor's bug-eyed enthusiasm could slip in and give the original Dwight Frye a run for his money.

9 Daniel Radcliffe As Dr. Seward

Unlike the distinguished man of medicine in the 1931 adaptation, Doctor Seward is a young doctor who contacts Dr. Van Helsing as well as courts the beauty-turned-vampire, Lucy. An accurate version of Doctor Seward requires a young but professional intellect who can wield a wooden stake as well as a hypodermic needle.

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Daniel Radcliffe might be typecast as the Boy Who Lived, but his performance in The Woman In Black proves that he not only has experience working the gothic horror circle but can play a studious character thrust into the supernatural. Plus, an ounce of Harry's nerdy vibes might serve him well in the appearance department.

8 Kit Harrington As Johnathan Harker

Johnathan Harker is one of the horror genre's most famous underdogs, he is one of the few characters in the novel to survive an encounter with Count Dracula, though he is forever changed after the fact. The actor who plays him needs to have that same haunted hero vibe that makes Harker stand out in the world of literature.

He might know nothing as Jon Snow, but Kit Harington's experience on Game Of Thrones makes him a perfect candidate to give the world a new brand of Harker. Plus, elements of Jon Snow can be seasoned in with his Harker to bring about a familiar, duty-bound defender as seen in the novel.

7 Emma Watson As Mina Murray

Mina Murray is Jonathan's fiancee, Dracula's main target, and the leading lady of the novel. Although she might have been portrayed as the titular damsel in distress in some interpretations of Dracula, the novel gives her much more substance and strength than one would first imagine. Ergo, she needs an actress that can replicate that same quality.

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Emma Watson would be a solid choice as Mina Murray. Watson's acting chops are certainly seasoned enough to carry the role, mixing a bit of the studious Hermione Granger with her own brand of strength. It would definitely go toe-to-toe with Winona Ryder's interpretation of the character.

6 Billie Lourd As Lucy Westenra

Lucy Westenra is the free-spirited, red-headed wild child in the original novel. After her encounter with Count Dracula, she is turned into a horrifying vampire who feeds on the blood of children, reflecting her loss of self-control demonstrated in life.

Billie Lourd would be an excellent fit for the character if given a red wig and a British dialect. Not only does she have a history of playing the stereotypical bombshell (which Lucy was for the novel), but she can also play a convincing horror character. Just watch Billie's work in American Horror Story.

5 Matthew Gray Gubler As Arthur Holmwood

Arthur Holmwood is Lucy's betrothed who, despite doing all he can to rescue her from her fate, loses his beloved to the clutches of Dracula. Arthur is a noble soul who will do what needs to be done, no matter how much it hurts him or what trauma befalls him afterward.

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It might seem like a choice out of left field, but casting Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds fame would easily work if the filmmakers are trying to hold fast to the book. He might not be the conventional heartthrob, but there's no denying watching him see his wife-to-be become one of Dracula's victims would be heartbreaking.

4 Chris Pratt As Quincy Morris

Quincy Morris, the only American member of the monster-slaying party in Stoker's original novel, was a bit of a cliche for the time. Stoker wanted a cowboy, so he wrote in a cowboy. Quite frankly, every vampire-hunting squad should have at least one good gunslinger, and whoever plays Quincy should have a flair for the theatrical and an over-the-top persona.

There is possibly no better fit for the role than Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt. Pratt would not only give a genuine element to the character, but would probably have the best time doing so out of the entire cast. Quincy is a man who steps up and gets the job done, similar to many of Pratt's action-hero characters. Simply put, it's an honest-to-goodness top casting choice.

3 Mark Hamill As Abraham Van Helsing

Van Helsing, the world's most foremost and famous monster hunter, has been portrayed by a number of great talents from Anthony Hopkins to Hugh Jackman. But a modern interpretation needs an actor who can portray a seasoned professional who has seen it all, done it all, and has lived to tell the tale.

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Anthony Hopkins probably gave the most lively interpretation of the character, but for one who lies closer to the novel, filmmakers need to look no further than Mark Hamill. His portrayal of an old and weathered Luke Skywalker is grounds enough to win him the role of the veteran monster hunter. He carries the weight of his experience but isn't afraid to get back in the line of duty when called to action.

2 Honorable Mention: Claes Bang As Count Dracula

Netflix's adaptation was a mixed bag, to say the least. But if there's one thing it did get right, it was casting Claes Bang in the titular role of Count Dracula. From the transformation from an elderly vampire to the tall, dark, and handsome prince of darkness, Bang is almost the ideal choice to play the count.

Bang's features and performance already deliver an eerie combination of the best Dracula portrayals. Elements of Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, and even a sprinkling of Gary Oldman were poured into his vampire lord, it was nearly a perfect version. If only he were given a better adaptation of the source material.

1 Tom Hiddleston as Count Dracula

Tom Hiddleston is a phenomenal performer, and while Loki is indeed one of the most beloved antiheroes in recent years, it's the role that he will forever be associated with. Giving him the opportunity to play one of the most famous villains ever might provide the typecasting break he needs.

Dracula is suave and sinister, and his seductive charm is what lures his victims into his embrace. Hiddleston has been winning fangirls over in spades for years with his own brand of dark and mysterious charm. His gift for playing shapeshifting villains could definitely serve him well if cast as this shadowy figure of horror fiction.

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