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Rick & Morty: 5 Moments That Prove Beth Is The Clone (& 5 That Prove She's Not)

In the Season 3 episode of Rick And Morty, "The ABCs Of Beth," Beth wonders whether she should stay in her life on earth with her family, or go explore the universe like a young Rick. He assures her he can make a clone of her to stay if she chooses to leave. Beth asks Rick to choose for her. During the Season 4 finale, it's revealed that Rick did actually make a clone of Beth, but not because she chose to go.

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In lieu of making the big decision for his daughter, Rick makes the clone, takes the labels off of the clone's vat and the original Beth's, and shuffles them around. True to his irresponsible parent roots, he doesn't even look as they're shuffled, and Mind Blows the memory away, proving once again that he was the worst. With the truth up in the air, fans pick apart Beth's scenes to see if they can tell which is which.

10 Clone: Back Together With Jerry

Rick And Morty teed up Beth leaving Jerry almost every episode until it happened. She was obviously unhappy and unimpressed with him and mentioned a potential breakup multiple times. During "Anatomy Park," she tells Jacob, "Jerry got an invitation to be alive today and he rejected it. I don't know if our marriage will..."  before being interrupted by blood rain.

And then again, during "Meseeks and Destroy," she talks about leaving Jerry with her meseeks and says "Wow. I'm finally having that conversation." While they had a moment here or there, it definitely seemed like Beth craved a life without Jerry, and it was out of character for her to reconcile.

9 Original: She Downloaded Lovefinderz

As previously mentioned, Beth has always had one foot out the door with Jerry. That's why it was perfectly in character for her to check to see if she had any other soulmates on Jerry and Glootie's app, Lovefinderz, one of the many family moves that made Jerry feel terrible.

Although she checks it and sees that Ted Danson is her soulmate, she and Jerry both lie to each other and say that they never looked. It is very like Beth to look, but not actually leave Jerry for anyone else. She has a sort of casual interest in him but is never fully emotionally committed in the early seasons.

8 Clone: Boundaries With Rick

Viewers saw Beth's blatant lack of boundaries in "Pickle Rick." Beth chooses to defend Rick and make excuses for him instead of holding him accountable for trying to get out of counseling. Anything she might have taken from Dr. Wong is immediately undone when she gives Rick the serum right away, apologizing profusely and calling Dr. Wong a quack.

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Season 4 Beth sets firm boundaries with Rick, a marked change from her season 1 self, making him ask permission to take Morty on adventures, and being much more critical of him in general. In Season 5, when the Hellraisers tell Beth Rick said she was cool, she softens momentarily to ask if he really said that before catching herself and saying, "It doesn't matter."

7 Original: Ups And Downs With Morty

Beth has been consistent in that she has not been the most excellent parent, but she tries her best to get better. From knocking Summer in the face with a wine bottle on picture day to immediately choosing to save Summer over Morty when faced with an ultimatum, Beth is not perfect and made a lot of questionable parenting choices.

She's maintained that pattern of parenting, even after she would have become a clone. When Morty starts to date Planetina, Beth starts a fight with Morty about it, trying to tell him what to do. But, after the screaming is over and Morty is in genuine pain, Beth is there to comfort him.

6 Clone: Therapy

Even though therapy was originally Beth's idea, she seems to quickly turn against Dr. Wong and the concept of therapy altogether when she becomes the subject of analysis, even ridiculing the doctor with Rick in the car ride home, completely ignoring the kids telling her they'd like to keep going.

But, in seasons 4 and 5, Beth and the family are back in therapy, something that didn't seem like it would be Beth's choice. Not only is she going to therapy, but she's even listening to the things being said, often quoting Dr. Wong back to Jerry.

5 Original: Oblivious

Although Beth is just as smart as her dad, she can be pretty unaware of the things happening around her. After all, she never seems to notice a lot of the sci-fi or teenage drama going on around her.

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She doesn't notice when Rick and the kids break the timeline, and in Season 5, she doesn't suspect anything when Morty asks about volunteering at the horse hospital right after asking about the breeding mount. Her level of conscious ignorance is pretty much the same as it's always been.

4 Clone: Renewed Intimate Interest

Beth and Jerry's sex life was never very exciting, or really even existent. When Jerry offered to "have" Beth in previous seasons, her response was "You know what? Okay!" Not exactly the most romantic or enthusiastic response.

But, when Mr. Nimbus comes to visit, Beth and Jerry talk about how they've become a "sex-positive" couple, and are trying to reinvigorate their love life. They even both agree to a threesome with Rick's nemesis, and they're on the same page about adventuring out after talking about it first.

3 Original: Feminist That Pushes Back

The original Beth always advocated for herself as a woman horse surgeon, especially when others tried to diminish her occupation or treat her as lesser (one of the worst things Jerry did to her). She challenged authority, even claiming to be just as smart as Rick.

In Seasons 4 and 5, viewers saw that same passion. In "Rickdependence Spray," she isn't afraid to tell the scientists and president that she thinks their idea about the space sperm is stupid and enlists Summer to help her save the day when the men's plans inevitably fall through.

2 Clone: Defends Jerry Against The Cenobites

Season 5 episode "Amortycan Grickfitti" sees Beth actually tracking down Jerry's location because she's suspicious of Rick's interest in hanging out with him. When she discovers that Rick's embarrassing Jerry to pay a debt to Hellraiser-parody Cenobites, she instantly berates Rick and tells the Cenobites she thinks Jerry is cooler than them.

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In the first few seasons of the show, Beth was one of the first people to make a joke at Jerry's expense, or make a snide comment about his interests. Even when she eventually joins the Hellraisers in their mockery, it seems to come from a place of love for the things that they're mocking him for, instead of the previous seasons' disgust and disinterest.

1 Original: She Values Staying With Her Family

Throughout all of Rick And Morty Beth has resented Rick for his abandonment. She repeatedly tells him he was a horrible father for leaving her and craves the time and attention that she feels she lost. When the two Beths are taken hostage by the New Galactic Federation, the Beth on Earth isn't envious of Space Beth at all; in fact, she criticizes her adventuring.

Although neither Beth had a choice as to where they ended up, if Earth Beth is the original and she had truly wanted to go, she wouldn't judge Space Beth. And, consequently, if Earth Beth is the clone, she would mimic Space Beth's personality and desires, still making her agree with Space Beth's choices. But, she doesn't, therefore proving that she may be the original after all.

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