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Scarlet Nexus: Combat Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

Players will fight against many deadly enemies during the course of Scarlet Nexus. Each of the game's enemies brings their own abilities and specific skills to a fight, and it is up to the player to determine the best ways to fight back against their foes. Luckily, the player will have access to a wide array of weapons and their own special abilities that make bringing down their enemies a much simpler affair.

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Combat is a core focus of Scarlet Nexus, so those who hope to do well in the game will need to learn how the intricacies of combat work in the game. Since players are able to switch between normal melee combat and their telekinetic powers at will things can be a little tricky sometimes. It pays off to be well prepared before each combat encounter. This guide shows players some tips and tricks for combat in Scarlet Nexus.

Know the Protagonists' Strengths and Weaknesses - Since Scarlet Nexus has two different protagonists to play as the player will need to play the game a little bit differently depending on who they are in control of. When it comes to their telekinesis abilities there really isn't much of a difference between them, but the two characters do have a big difference when it comes to melee combat. Yuito uses a sword and so therefore will be forced into close-quarters combat most of the time whereas Kasane uses throwing knives to deal most of here damage to foes. This just means that Yuito players will need to keep an eye on his health a little more often. The two characters also have different SAS Abilities, and therefore combat encounters will typically play out a little bit differently depending on the abilities being used.

Don't Rush Through the Tutorial - One of the biggest mistakes that the player can make early on in the game is rushing through the combat tutorial rather than taking their time to master the game's skills. During the tutorial, the player has the chance to test out their abilities with no repercussions, and the game actually telling the player if they are performing the button inputs correctly. It is imperative that players use this to their advantage and learn how to perform each combat ability rather than having to learn on the fly.

Patience Is Very Important - Running straight into a fight and attacking everything in sight can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a fast way to wind up dead as well. Those who find themselves dying more often than not should try to be a little more patient. For one this gives them a chance to survey their surroundings and enemies before attacking. Players should learn an enemy's attack pattern and what environmental hazards can be used to advantage before starting combat. On top of this though patience is key when fighting an enemy as well. Waiting for an enemy to attack first allows the player to avoid the attack and counter when their opponent is recovering. It will also give the player valuable dodging and countering experience that will benefit them in more difficult fights.

Check Equipment Regularly - Players should be sure to check out their equipment as often as possible to see what new items they have picked up and if they can be useful to have equipped. Both characters will begin the game with a pretty basic weapon and a minimum amount of equipment on their person, but as time goes on the player will pick up a lot of useful items that can be added on to the character. Replacing weapons regularly is a very smart move in order to boost the amount of damage that a character is able to dish out to enemies. There are also pieces of armor that can be equipped as well as accessories that grant boosts to different attributes. Players should also check stores regularly to see if there is better equipment that they are capable of purchasing.

Strengthen Party Bonds - Bonds are by far one of the most important aspects of Scarlet Nexus. Bonds are basically the relationship that the main character develops with their teammates. The stronger that the bonds are then the more powerful the SAS abilities that the player can access are, and the better that the character will perform in combat. The player can also strengthen their overall party bond to raise the entire team's ability to perform in combat. Strengthening bonds can be done by completing specific side missions for a character that is typically personal in nature. These can be triggered from the safe house area usually. The player can also purchase presents for the character to strengthen bonds as well. It is also best to focus on the party members that offer the best abilities first before working with those who the player doesn't use very often.

SAS Abilities Are Integral to Success - The best way to perform well in a combat encounter is to use the different SAS Abilities to the player's advantage. Each of the abilities will allow the player to do different things in the middle of a fight and affect the world in various ways. The thing is that it is actually really easy to trigger these SAS Abilities and they actually last quite a while. On top of this, the cooldown on them is very fast as well. This means that players should be using their SAS Abilities at every opportunity rather than trying to save them for certain encounters. Abilities like Pyrokinesis, Sklerokinesis, and Hypervelocity can be useful no matter what the combat situation is.

Don't Forget About Follow-Ups - When fighting against groups of enemies it can sometimes be really easy to forget about follow-up attacks. These are when the player performs a melee or a psychokinesis combo and then follows up with a combo of the opposite attack type. Doing this allows the player to continue their combo, but also increases their damage output considerably. Follow-ups are some of the player's most powerful attacks, and luckily the game slows down slightly when the player is able to perform one against an enemy, so they should use this to their advantage.

Plan Out Brain Map Paths In Advance - Leveling up the main characters is very important, so visiting the Brain Map screen is something that the player should try to do whenever they have a chance. Keep in mind though that points shouldn't just be doled out randomly on this screen, and instead, the player should try to plan out what paths they want to take on this screen in advance. This is because not all skills on a particular path may wind up being very useful to a player, so it is a good idea to look ahead and think about what skills they may find most useful. This also helps the player get their hands on the best skills as soon as possible, and they can make sure they don't waste any points on worthless abilities.

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Scarlet Nexus can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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