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Seeking Sister Wife: Everything To Know About Vanessa Cobbs

There is so much that fans do not know about Vanessa Cobbs from Seeking Sister Wife. The star was initially known for being in an unhealthy relationship with her ex-husband Dimitri Snowden. Vanessa is an impressive woman who has had numerous careers throughout her life. Here is everything to know about her life on and off the show.

Vanessa was born in New Jersey on April 21, 1985, declaring her a Taurus. She has a twin sister named Adrienne. After high school, Vanessa pursued a degree in dental assisting and worked in that field for the next 10 years, showing that she truly enjoyed it. At the same time, she was also a tenant counsel at a nonprofit organization called Solid Ground.

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Vanessa also dabbled in acting and has made small appearances on multiple TV shows. She had a cameo on NBC’s Grimm as a motel maid and was also featured in a fan-made Star Trek short film where she played Lieutenant Pelomar Laenah. Her small acting career caused a negative impact on Seeking Sister Wife, as it initially led fans to believe she was an actor being paid to be on the show. But she cleared up that she was, in fact, dating Dimitri for love, not for show.

She met her husband Dimitri during Seeking Sister Wife season 2. After exploring the life of polygamy with Dimitri and his wife Ashley, Vanessa became the second wife of the Snowden family. But only a few months into the marriage, Vanessa left the relationship and took to Instagram saying, “I love Ashley, Dimitri and the children so much, and will continue to do so always,” she said. “However, my love and commitment to them overshadowed my love and commitment to myself. I was not being truly honest with myself until recently.” Later Vanessa came forward about the alleged domestic violence she experienced during their marriage, leaving her spot on the show.

According to her Instagram, she thoroughly enjoys journaling, listening to TED Talks, and meditation. In 2019, she completed a 7-day meditation challenge for fullness, alignment, and self-mastery, and said it made her feel absolutely amazing. She is also an advocate for Black Lives Matter, posting an abundance of content relating to Juneteenth and antiracism, and she attended protests in 2020.

Vanessa may have left Seeking Sister Wife, but the Snowdens didn’t let her absence keep them from finding another wife. As for Vanessa, she has yet to come forward about being in another relationship. If her first venture into polygamy impacted her future in dating, Vanessa might not be getting romantic with anyone any time soon.

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Source: Vanessa Cobbs/Instagram

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