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Shazam 2 Director Reveals New Look At Mary Marvel & Filming Update

Shazam: Fury of the Gods director David F. Sandberg reveals a new peek at Mary Marvel and gives an update about the DCEU movie's production. The sequel to 2019's Shazam isn't scheduled to arrive for another two years, yet work is already well underway. First titled Fury of the Gods last year at DC FanDome, Shazam 2 will see the return of young hero Billy Batson (Asher Angel) and his foster siblings, all of whom received powers of their own in the first film. Whenever they say the word "Shazam," they become adult superheroes with the abilities of the gods.

Plot specifics for Shazam 2 are still being kept under wraps, but a handful of details have already been revealed. The villains will be played by Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu, while West Side Story breakout Rachel Zegler has also joined the cast. All members of the Shazam family have new costumes for the sequel, and it's guaranteed they will team up once again to face their new foes. Much of the original Shazam cast returns for this next installment, including Zachary Levi as the grown Billy.

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On Wednesday, Sandberg gave a new Shazam 2 update on social media. The director shared a picture of Mary Marvel (Grace Fulton), Billy's oldest foster sibling. The image, which shows Mary in the iconic pose of Rosie the Riveter, looks to be a poster, perhaps hinting that the Shazam family has become celebrities in their community. Additionally, Sandberg revealed today is day 36 of Shazam 2's shoot, which, as he said, would be the last day for his 2017 movie Annabelle: Creation. Clearly, Shazam 2 is much larger than the horror movie.

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Though the superpowered version of Mary was played by Michelle Borth in the first movie, Fulton will take over both roles for Shazam 2. Exactly why this is the case hasn't been confirmed just yet, though in the comics, there have been examples of Mary not being aged up when slipping into her superhero form. As the oldest member of the family, Mary spent a good chunk of Shazam preparing to leave home and move to college. Whether she's gone through with that has yet to be revealed, but she will still be a part of the superpowered family.

Though Sandberg didn't say just how many days are left on Shazam 2, one can assume it still has a ways to go. Filming just began in May, and most superhero productions take a few months to complete. Add in some coronavirus safety procedures that are likely in place on set, and it looks like Shazam 2 won't wrap until the end of summer at the earliest. With a release date of 2023 still on the calendar, the movie has plenty of time to complete work. Here's hoping Sandberg provides another behind the scenes update soon.

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Source: David F. Sandberg/Instagram

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