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Sister Wives: Why Kody Brown's 2021 Hair Fascinates Reddit Users

Kody Brown is often scrutinized by Sister Wives fans, and Reddit users are now weighing in on the reality star's unconventional hair. Typically, Sister Wives viewers will start conversations online about why they think that Kody is treating his wives unfairly or how he never sees his grandkids. However, one of the most interesting topics fans have started discussing lately is Kody's hairstyle. From takes on how Kody's unkempt mane just isn't flattering, to advice on how Kody could improve his hair care routine, Redditors aren't shy about sharing their interest in Kody's locks.

Kody has starred on Sister Wives since 2010, and over the course of a decade, viewers have gotten to see many sides of the polygamist patriarch. Kody has been ridiculed by fans who accuse him of being an absent father and bullying his four wives. Through years of being a television personality, Kody has transformed into an antagonist.

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From his alleged neglect of his first wife Meri to his poor leadership skills, fans have hot takes on all aspects of Kody's life. Recently, Kody's appearance has become a focus for Sister Wives viewers. Fans of the show think that he offends his wives and they also have issues with his inconsistent hairstyling.

On Reddit, fans have been discussing everything about Kody's hair, from how he takes care of his tresses to how his hair looks without the help of a hairdresser. One Reddit user started the discourse by sharing a photo of Kody's well-managed, curled hair beside a picture of him with a wild mane. The fan inquired, "what’s going on here?" The question was posed to hairdressers that watch Sister Wives, in the hopes of gaining insight into how 52-year-old star Kody Brown has changed his hair look. Many fans with hair care knowledge flocked to the Reddit thread to share their opinions and advice. While some people were sure that Kody permed his hair, others were quick to shut that hypothesis down. One user commented, "His hair is naturally curly but he has blow dried it a lot... I wish people would stop saying it’s a perm." 

Other explanations Reddit users offered for Kody's recent hair status include the straightforward opinion that: "It’s dry. Very very dry." One person wished "he would cut his hair short" so it wouldn't look as messy. Other fans had less constructive criticism to share. On top of judging Kody's relationships with his wives, viewers took a turn judging the Sister Wives star's hairstyle. Some snarky Reddit users feel that Kody's hair gives off strong caveman vibes. Another sarcastic fan commented that his hair looks like it consists of "cooked ramen noodles and gorilla glue." The most helpful tip that online fans agreed on is that Kody would benefit from getting some haircare advice from at least one of his four wives. See Kody with a clean-cut short hair look below, in a cute throwback:

Just like his relationship with the Sister Wives fanbase, Kody's hair has its good and bad days. While Reddit users usually spend their time commenting on Kody's treatment of his wives, their discussion of his enigmatic hair was a change of pace. From speculating that Kody's hair is indeed not permed to suggesting that the Sister Wives star change up his look by getting a cut, Kody's hair has thoroughly fascinated fans.

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Source: Reddit

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