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Snake Eyes: 10 Ways The Movie Sets Up Future G.I. Joe Movies

While there have been two live-action G.I. Joe movies, it seems that the franchise has a habit of starting and stopping production. G.I. Joe: Retaliation almost seemed to reboot the franchise after G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra stumbled out of the gate. With an entirely new cast and director, Snake Eyes shows G.I. Joe is trying to start up again.

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Since Snake Eyes is labeled as a G.I. Joe origin story, it needed connections to the G.I. Joe franchise. Other than tie-ins and Easter eggs, the film also needed a way to set up future G.I. Joe movies, so if this movie is a success, it could open the door for a revival of the franchise.

10 Snake Eyes' Father Was A Joe

After seeing an origin story for Snake Eyes, the question is whether producers want to move into more G.I. Joe team stories or more solo origin stories. If the studio decides it wants to make more origin stories, there are plenty of options, including Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, or even Sgt. Slaughter.

However, Snake Eyes did introduce one Joe in the movie other than Scarlett, and that was Snake Eyes' own father who died at the start of the movie. If the franchise wants to tell another origin story, it would be nice to see more of this mysterious Joe before his life ended.

9 The Baroness

While she was only involved to bring Cobra into the world of Snake Eyes, the Baroness stole every scene she appeared in and was one of Snake Eyes' best characters. Played by Ursula Corbero, she left viewers wanting to see more of the character.

Anyone who loved Sienna Miller in the original G.I. Joe movies can't be disappointed in what Corbero brought to the role. The promise of seeing the Baroness in a future movie, working alongside Cobra Commander, is something any G.I. Joe fan would want to see. Since she escaped at the end of Snake Eyes, her return is likely to happen.

8 The Joes Work With The Clan Arashikage

Most of the time, G.I. Joe was out to stop terrorists from destroying the world. They often were the only organization ready and willing to stop the top terrorist group in their world, Cobra. However, Snake Eyes showed something different: the Joes working with another group, the Clan Arashikage.

The film establishes that the Joes and the Clan Arashikage have worked together for a long time and both have common enemies in Cobra. With this relationship set up, it is always possible that members from the Clan like Blind Master, Hard Master, and Akiko could return to help the Joes in the future.

7 The Baroness Vs. Scarlett

Besides Snake Eyes, the two biggest connections to the G.I. Joe franchise in the movie were the Baroness from Cobra and Scarlett from the Joes. These two women clearly have a hatred for each other. The time they spent together on the screen was electric and they threatened to steal the movie from Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

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Seeing a movie with both women in the future would be a great idea. Scarlett proved she was tough, no-nonsense, and could hold her own in any battle. The Baroness also proved to be resourceful and escaped at the end of the film. Snake Eyes sets up a perfect rematch between these two rivals.

6 Cobra Killed Snake Eyes' Dad

The members of Cobra were G.I. Joe's most powerful villains, and it was important to have them appear in the Snake Eyes movie. However, they were mostly background for much of the film. With that in mind, a movie about Snake Eyes needs to tie into why he hates Cobra enough to join G.I. Joe.

That played out at the end when Scarlett offered Snake Eyes a role with the Joes. Cobra killed Snake Eyes' father by ordering one of their assassins to kill him. This revelation opens the door for Snake Eyes to seek revenge in future movies.

5 Kenta Betrays Cobra

What might have surprised G.I. Joe fans was how little Cobra had to do with the main plot of Snake Eyes. The terrorist organization wasn't even the film's main antagonist. While they killed Snake Eyes' dad and wanted the mystic Clan Arashikage gem for themselves, they remained in the background for most of the movie.

Instead, Kenta and his criminal organization played the role of the primary antagonists in Snake Eyes. Kenta then betrayed The Baroness and Cobra and left them empty-handed. Clearly, Cobra wanted the powerful gem in their goal of world domination, and they won't take this loss lying down.

4 Snake Eyes Vs. Storm Shadow

In the G.I. Joe comic books, the most powerful villain was arguably Storm Shadow. He was equal in fighting ability and intelligence with Snake Eyes. Having them on separate sides when the movie ends is a great setup for future films to showcase their complicated relationship.

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While fans saw a glimpse of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow fighting, they have still not seen an extended battle between the two men who considered each other brothers. Future G.I. Joe movies could make that dream a reality.

3 Scarlett Offers Snake Eyes A Role With The Joes

The biggest setup for a future G.I. Joe movie in Snake Eyes came with Scarlett's invitation to Snake Eyes at the end. She even gave him the iconic costume that made him so mysterious and interesting before this movie spoiled that aspect of his character.

Everyone knows Snake Eyes joined the Joes, and the end of this movie shows that Jor Colton wants him on the team. It will happen, and Snake Eyes should be front and center for any future G.I. Joe movies.

2 Snake Eyes Searches For Tommy

Before Snake Eyes can join G.I. Joe, he wants to try to save his friend Tommy. This movie did one interesting thing: it made Tommy the central tragic figure of the story.

Tommy trusted Snake Eyes and found himself betrayed. He lost everything as he tried to defend his clan. He had every reason to leave angry, but a future G.I. Joe movie should show Snake Eyes trying to reason with Tommy and help him before it is too late.

1 Storm Shadow Joins Cobra

There was a great story arc that played out through the G.I. Joe comics: Snake Eyes thought Storm Shadow killed their master and began hunting him. This pushed Storm Shadow into joining Cobra and becoming a villain before finally redeeming his name when the truth was revealed.

At the end of the movie, Tommy, still better about Snake Eyes' betrayal, forsakes his clan and leaves his home for good. In the post-credit scene, the Baroness invites Tommy to join Cobra as Storm Shadow. This sets up Tommy to be a strong part of Cobra in the future G.I. Joe movies, giving them a deadly warrior that has a true reason for his hatred.

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